Open Enrollment In Ashland

, Posted: Wed, January 25 2012 at 6:19 PM, Updated: Wed, January 25 2012 at 6:32 PM

The Medford school district voted not to take advantage of a bill that allows students to transfer without permission from the district adding that the bill was rushed through congress and was not thought

    That decision could hurt overall funding if students leave for ashland schools. Students from outside the district can now enroll in ashland schools following a decision to pass the open enrollment policy.
"Districts that have declining enrollment are going to look at this seriously because they're looking at every way to get revenue."
     Director of curriculum with Medford School District, Todd Bloomquist, says the idea is to fill a declining enrollment gap and give parents the option to choose the right school for their children. "There was this sense that, 'we want parents to have a say in where their children go'." At the same time the medford school district who threw out the idea could lose students because of it, which means less funding for them."We dont love the idea, this means people are going away and at the end of the day it's about revenue.were paid based on how many students we have, so if we have students going elsewhere then that would mean we would have to start reducing our staff." This change is both good and bad. Parents will be responsible for getting their children to school, sometimes commuting long distances and it's because of this, that district officials in Medford, are confident that these changes wont have a large impact on their revenue or their enrollment. Theres also the notion that open enrollment might foster competition among districts, thereby improving the quality of public education.  A school district gets more than $6,000 in state funding for every student who transfers in and loses that amount for every student who leaves.

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