Panicked Man Tries to Forcibly Enter White City Home, Shot and Killed in Self Defense

, Posted: Tue, August 21 2012 at 1:18 AM, Updated: Tue, August 21 2012 at 2:01 AM

Police say a frantic, shirtless man tried to force his way into a White City home Monday afternoon, only to be shot dead by the resident.  NBC5's Laura Cavanaugh spoke with neighbors who weigh in on the bizarre and terrifying incident.

Eyewitnesses say a man in distress was pounding on several doors in the 7800 block of Andrea Drive early Monday afternoon, saying somebody was after him.  But when he arrived at a residence at 7898 Andrea Drive, and tried to force his way inside,  he was greeted by the homeowner and his .357 Magnum.

Neighbors say the alleged shooter, 65 year-old Norm Thomas, a retired air force veteran, is a good, law-abiding, family man.

Friends say Thomas was inside the home with his grandson, while his daughter was nearby outside reading at the time of the shooting.

Witnesses describe seeing the dead man, bald with tattoos on his arm and chest,  lying on his back on the front lawn with blood around his neck and chest.

We tried to contact the family, who is understandably rattled by the incident.  But neighbors are coming to the homeowner's defense, saying they might do the same if they were in his shoes.

Oregon's  "Stand Your Ground" law justifies a person's use of deadly force if they feel they are in danger.  A danger, neighbors say,  Thomas must have clearly felt to have discharged his weapon. 

Police took Thomas into custody for questioning, but he has since been released.  Evidence at this time indicates the shooting took place in self defense.  Authorities have also identified the deceased man.  He is 49 year-old Mark Corsbie of Medford.  Detectives are still looking into if Corsbie had a history with crime, drugs or mental illness. 


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