Pressumed Drownings: A Grim Reminder for Water Safety

, Posted: Mon, May 7 2012 at 6:13 PM, Updated: Mon, May 7 2012 at 10:45 PM

Two suspected drownings, in two weeks, along the Rogue River.
It's a sad reminder for anyone near the water... the simplest safety measures can be a life saver.
Natures beauties, sometimes natures death traps.
"It's just really a shame, it goes bad so fast," says Steve Kinesling, who owns property right on the Rogue. He says he knows first hand about
"My tenant, five or six years ago was swept right off into the river right here and his body wasn't found for months, and he knew the river."
Within the past two weeks, two young men are presumed drowned. Pablo Murillo falling in at union creek May 3rd. Joshua Eddy, slipping in at Rainee Falls while taking photographs Saturday.       

"We lose 10-14 adults every year in white water accidents," says Lt. Pat Rowland of Jackson County Search and Rescue.
At this point, searches for both men have been called off. Leaving officials to wait for the bodies.
"When an object goes under the water usually 7 days," says Rowland,  "then that object will break lose and come up to the surface."
He says wear a life jacket any time you're near rushing water "it's hard to tell adults what to do."  
Because if you fall in the water with a life jacket "...the best way to go down river is feet first. Hopefully you've got a life jacket on. Yah, you might break your leg, but it will save your life.
Especially when it's this high and cold.
"When you hit that cold water hypothermia sets in real quick. I don't care how strong you are you can't hold on to anything."
Meanwhile,  Ashland film crews are shooting instruction water safety videos on Kinesling's property.
"It's never too early to get out there and get training on the river," says Jared Cruise of Earth Experience International.
Everyone warning, it's better to be safe...
 "You don't have a lot of time if you fall in, if you don't have a life jacket your in real bad shape," concludes Kinesling.

...rather than sorry.
If you do come upon clothes or a body along the river, officials ask you not to touch anything... but call 911 immediately.

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