Prosecution Says "Code Words" Exchanged in Plot to Kill

, Posted: Mon, June 10 2013 at 5:49 PM, Updated: Mon, June 10 2013 at 6:48 PM

Secret code words exchanged...and a plot to kill.

That's what one prosecutor in a Jackson County courtroom said was discussed between a sister and brother.

New details are coming out about secret code words and a woman accused of plotting to kill an alleged hit-man who testified against her brother, the man accused of murdering his wife.

"They talk about using code words such as 'Independence Day' when it's completed," began David Hoppe, Jackson County Deputy DA.

"Money will be given to the proposed hitman, the new hitman, to kill the hitman," explained

Genetta Huddleston-Coradetti, who was extradited from Florida was back in court Monday afternoon.

Prosecutors say she's connected to a case in which her brother, Bourne Huddleston is accused of murdering his wife 34-year-old Kristy Huddleston in March of 2012.

She was found dead at their home with a gunshot to the head, which prosecutors believe Bourne carried out himself.

Prosecutors say he originally tried to hire a hitman to kill his wife, two men came forward and admitted they agreed to take Huddleston's money.

But it doesn't stop there, prosecutors say they tracked phonecalls between Bourne and his sister that concerned their alleged plot to murder one of the men who testified.

"All of this, almost the entirety is recorded," said Hoppe.

Hoppe said the man Huddleston-Coradetti contacted to kill one of the alleged original hitmen who spoke out against Bourne, was actually working for the prosecution. The conversations were recorded with a wire on the man's body.

Based on that evidence prosecutors thought Huddleston-Coradetti's deserved a high bail, her attorney disagreed.

"Six-million dollars seems to be high I think for Ms. Huddleston Coradetti. Even one-million dollars bail would be out of her reach," said John Gutbezahl, the defense attorney. 

Prosecutors say she tried to kill a witness who came forward against her brother.

"Any potential witnesses would be at risk if she is in the community at large," said Deputy DA Hoppe.

Still, Judge Timothy Gerking agreed to reduce her bail to $750,000.

At this point, both Bourne and Genetta's cases have been consolidated, but that could change at any time.      

Bourne Huddleston's trial is set to begin at the end of October.

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