Rash of Rapes Prompt Pepper Spray Purchasing

, Posted: Thu, May 3 2012 at 6:28 PM, Updated: Thu, May 3 2012 at 6:40 PM

As a result of recent rape crimes, both men and women are purchasing items for self defense.Local stores say pepper spray is flying off the shelves
Packing Heat.
"Pepper spray on the key chain, I don't have one of those i should get one," says Stephanie Brooks of Ashland. She usually walks with her dog, Tyra, but she says the recent rash of rapes is making her nervous. "When I moved here everyone said Ashland's so safe. now there's been a murder, and a rape.. three rapes, that doesn't make me feel secure in where I live."
As a result local stores say they've seen a significant increase in pepper spray and self defense fire arm sales.    
 "I'm restocking my pepper spray almost daily," Black Bird employee Rodney Curtis tells us.
You can get pepper spray for less than ten bucks and in almost any color. You can even attach it to your key chain. 
   Curtis says the best way to use pepper spray is not by starting in the eyes, but by spraying at the breast bone and moving up the face. That way you get it in the mouth, nose, and eyes even if your assailant's wearing glasses.
Curtis says, "The first reaction is to rub it and all your going to do is push it deeper."
Pepper spray is a mix of cayenne, CS tear gas, and UV dye, which makes identification easy.
"You talk to the officer you say he did, the officer shines a black light on him and the UV dye in there, he will glow," continues Curtis.
In the meantime, Brooks is trying to make light of the situation. "I'm lucky. I took a year of Muay Thai. You come after me and I'm going to kick you."
Taking her protection into her own hands.
It's important to remember if you buy pepper spray, do not leave it in your car in hot weather. The heat will cause it to discharge.

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