Rogue Valley Residents Respond to Boston Bombings

, Posted: Wed, April 17 2013 at 6:18 PM, Updated: Wed, April 17 2013 at 6:23 PM

In the face of such hurt, the nation is now on the long road to recovery after the Boston Marathon bombings.

The scar left from this tragedy has moved people from all walks of life. Somehow some are finding hope, whether it's from the heroes that risked their lives at the marathon's finish line or simply Rogue Valley runners who are using their voice to help others find light at the end of this dark tunnel.
"It was tragic, at an American institution. The Boston Marathon has been tarnished," says Paige Morgan.
"It's pretty horrific what happened," comments Cody Scoggins.
"It's sad. It seems like one tragedy after another," says Masao Williams.
Whatever word you use to describe such terrible events like these, you're not alone.
Susan Downham writes us on Facebook "... absolutely tragic."
Kris Payne Hiatt says, "So sad, it makes you just want to stay home with your families."

And that's exactly what many runners now returning to the Rogue Valley are doing. Those we contacted asking for some time to be with their loved ones.
"Traumatic is the word for it," says Bonnie Haven, says the Southern Oregon Runner's president, speaking on their behalf.
"There's fabulous people from Medford on their way back home and they're all shaken."

She herself once stood on the Boston Marathon starting line, "I stood there at the starting line with 58 thousand people corralled in and I had this thought for an instant, here we are, 58 thousand people, vulnerable."

Despite the attacks, she says she's going back, "I always wanted to get back, and now we're all talking lets get back, because we as people are not going to get knocked down."

Her strength like the heroes seen on the day of the event.

Medford runner, Justin Rosas who was at the marathon, in a post sums up the event this way:

"As I went through the airport security, the TSA agents performed their jobs admirably and also took the time to congratulate and console me. I am honored to live in this world, even with the madness lying underneath."

Coping together as a country.

Southern Oregon Running Enthusiasts, or SORE, is holding a run to raise money for the victims on Sunday. The group will be meeting at 9:30 at Medford's Hawthorne Park to carpool to Lost Creek Lake for the run.

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