Simmons Trial Day 4

, Written by Craig Smullin, Posted: Fri, February 3 2012 at 5:36 PM, Updated: Fri, February 3 2012 at 8:20 PM

Tom Zanitsch was mowing his unkempt field on Haven Road in April of 2008 when he hit something hard.
    He saw a shoe, then bones... he quickly went running to his wife Judy.
    "We need to make a phone call."  
    While the Zanitsch's testimony held the courtroom's attention this afternoon, fellow neighbor Diane Smandra captivated the morning session.
    "I was coming up the road and I saw his eyes."
     Smandra was driving home on haven road at around 7:30 pm on november 6th, 1996... a night she called eerily quiet... it was also the same night, time and location where Kaelin Glazier is believed to have disappeared.
    "I was afraid of this guy."
     Glazier's body wasn't discovered until 12 years later in a field directly across the street from WIlliam Simmons then former home.
     Smandra said this man was walking along haven road towards Highway 238 when he stopped to stare at her... frightened she sped past, but she'll never forget his eyes... amidst the mist that november night.
    "They were huge. Either it was drugs or some sort of extreme fear."
   Smandra thought she saw the man again months later at her neighbor Laurel Prchal's house... the man turned his back and walked away... Prchall identified that man as Clifford Ruhland...  
      ''He was there doing homework on our computer."
    Ruhland was Glazier's then boyfriend... who was also a close friend of the defendant William Simmons.
    But was Ruhland in fact the man she saw that night on the road, the night Glazier disappeared... and if so what does that mean?
      Questions not addressed in the courtroom.
      The trial is adjourned until 9 AM Tuesday morning, as prosecutors are ahead of their projected schedule... i'll be back in court Tuesday morning continuing NBC-5's gavel to gavel coverage... of this murder trial 16 years in the making.

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