Spring is Here, Even While Old Man Winter Sticks Around

, Posted: Tue, March 20 2012 at 6:45 PM, Updated: Tue, March 20 2012 at 8:07 PM

Well it may be the first day of spring, but it sure isn't feeling like it!

Despite the colder temperatures, Ashlanders said they were enjoying the recent cold snap.

Lisa Wolpe and her dog Fluffy Little Bear are from Santa Monica, CA. Wolpe is in Ashland for an acting job. She said, she and her little dog are prepared for all the cold weather we're having in Southern Oregon.

"I've got my little latte, i've got my little dog in her parka and we're having a good ol' time," said Wolpe.

Just days ago, it was snowing hard in Ashland. The inclement weather eventually cleared up, giving Wolpe and Fluffy Little Bear a window to go on a long walk.

"(The weather), it's changeable. In the morning it's a snow blizzard, in the afternoon, it's warm," observed Wolpe.

While March 20th is the first day of spring, at about noon, it was in the mid-40s. The cold weather, making it necessary to bundle up before heading out.

"Her little jacket has gotten us through some snowy, rainy days," said Wolpe about her dog's clothing.

However, it's not just Wolpe's dog, Fluffy Little Bear that's bundling up.

Other Ashlanders were layering up as well.

"It's like wow, I don't know, first day of Spring? What's up with that?" said Ashland resident Richard Anderson.

He and his wife threw on five layers of clothing before they headed outdoors, just to make sure they'd stay toast warm.

"It's the base layer, then we have all cotton on the top, then we got more cotton, then we got wool and we got wool and we're ready to go," laughed Anderson as he showed off his layers.

Anderson said he's prepared to brave the winter weather, that just seems to keep sticking around.

"It snowed then it melted, it snowed, it melted, it snowed it melted and for us we just got back from Central America, we've only been back two weeks...So this is a real shock," said Anderson.

Wolpe agreed, noting the winter-like weather.

"Spring isn't springing, but I kind of have spring in my heart," she said.

For now many people in the Rogue Valley are enjoying the weather, but at the same time they said they're looking forward to a little more warmth.

NBC 5 spoke with an orchard owner who said despite the recent snowfall and chilly temps his pears are doing just fine.

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