Strange Light Appears in the Sky

, Posted: Mon, April 23 2012 at 6:24 PM, Updated: Mon, April 23 2012 at 6:37 PM

If you saw a bright mysterious light in the sky and wondered what it was --you're joined by several thousand people on the west coast.
People from Nevada, California, and even here in Oregon saw a mysterious light pass through the sky on Sunday.....some even heard  a sonic boom and reported the walls shaking..
"We were right out here." Eagle Point resident Jessica Ellis didn't know what to think of the supernatural light she saw Sunday morning.
"It was first just a streak and then became a ball. It kept going for about 4-5 seconds. it was bright blue and red and then just disappeared."
And she's not the only one here in town to see it.
"I thought it was maybe space junk falling out of the sky, but i'll go with a meteor," says Dale Harmon.
NBC5's meteorologist Cameron Loughlin tells us, it turns out what residents saw was part of an annual meteor shower.
"We've seen meteor showers here in Southern Oregon and North California before. In this case, the Lyrid meteor shower arrives in late April."
"Periodically the earth passes through the remains of a melted comet."
Robert Black, North Medford High's astrology teacher, gave us a quick lesson. He says while meteor showers are common, these particular sightings are unique.
"Now if it leaves a long streak that's a bollide, and usually that's a solid rock. Those are rare, I've only seen three or four and I'm up looking a lot."
He also tells us that because the bollide was seen during daylight hours it could be
fairly large.
"If you see something in the day that can be dangerous.There was one in 1972, that was a near miss."
This sighting a phenomenon that a handful didn't miss out on.
"It was hard to describe, it was unbelievable. "
"It's something I'll probably never see in my lifetime again."
Now, another notable astrological event coming up is the solar eclipse about a month from now on May 20th of this year.

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