, Posted: Wed, October 23 2013 at 2:45 PM, Updated: Wed, October 23 2013 at 2:49 PM

Medical defenses are failing.  officials warn such things as strep throat and scratched knees could once again kill. They say bacteria is evolving into superbugs.            
Infectious diseases, pests, bacteria... many easily treated by chemicals, creams, and antibiotics... until now.
"We process our food in such closed environments, not allowing  animals to roam freely, so we set up environments to culture this bacteria," comments Doctor John Hopkins of Providence Medical Center. He is talking specifically about: salmonella, a common food born illness, and the culprit behind at least 300 people becoming ill after eating Foster Farms chicken this year. According to the John Hopkins University School of Medicine, it's being added to the list of superbugs... becoming  resistant to antibiotic treatment, partly because farm animals are fed antibiotics to promote growth.
In fact, the LA Times reports Costco recalled tens of thousands of pounds of rotisserie chicken after finding salmonella even in the cooked meat.

Of greatest concern... tuberculosis. It's becoming a global threat. The world health organization estimates 650 thousand cases in 2010 involved multi-drug resistant tuberculosis. already, each year T.B. kills over one million people worldwide.

Growing concern as the first line of defense falls.

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