Antique Aircraft Tour: The Skies Connect Them

, Posted: Thu, July 18 2013 at 2:59 PM, Updated: Thu, July 18 2013 at 3:14 PM

Antique Aircraft Tour left it's mark on a few people before flying out of Southern Oregon.

A WWII flight instructor finds a more than one common adventure with a navigator who pilots a biplane.


It's fair to say, that many of these antique planes have a story behind them. They are, after all classics but as I made my way through the Beechcraft, Cessnas, and Pipers. a true life story came to appeared. 
"Yep. that was my life."
And it all started when i met George Elliott. Also known as, captain George Elliott, a pilot who flew under President Richard Nixon and later as a commercial pilot for United. This is the plane he came to see- the Stearman. They're infamous today for being the plane which  WWII pilots were trained to fly before going on to a larger bird. Roughly 63 years ago, Elliot found himself doing exactly that-training pilots before the Korean War migrated his pupil. Today, George Elliott met someone with a shared adventure. As the planes began to leave bringing end to the antique barnstorm, it suddenly became clear what attracts these pilots together. It's not just the beauty of flying but a chance to appreciate and share a piece of history with each other. On land and in the sky

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