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27 February 2015

Jackson County judge upholds temporary ban on 'The Greenery"

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Phoenix, Ore. --- A Jackson County judge upholds a temporary ban on The Greenery, a Phoenix medical marijuana facility.More than eight months after the City of Phoenix filed an emergency injunction ...

16 December 2014

New rules for medical marijuana dispensaries in Phoenix

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Phoenix, Ore. --- The City of Phoenix passed new rules for marijuana dispensaries.The Phoenix-City Council voted 5 to 1 in-favor of the new zoning rules for dispensaries, but they're not allowed to ...

17 October 2014

Ruling: Local governments can ban medical marijuana dispensaries

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Cave Junction, Ore. --- A win for Southern Oregon cities and counties opposing the new state law allowing medical marijuana dispensaries.The City of Cave Junction challenged the state in Josephine c ...

22 August 2014

Teen marijuana use on the rise

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Medford, Ore. -- Some medical experts say the move to legalize marijuana is giving teens a false sense that marijuana is safe. Doctors says the brain isn't fully developed until about 26 years old ...

21 August 2014

Talent medical marijuana dispensary says business is growing

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Talent, Ore. -- Months after opening to the public, local medical marijuana dispensaries are getting a clearer picture of their new industry.  Green Valley Wellness in Talent says business has been ...

13 August 2014

Marijuana revenue not what lawmakers in Colorado expected

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Colo. --- The increase in revenue from Colorado's new marijuana taxes is expected to be half of what the voter guide estimated last year. That's in part because the state may have overestimated how ...

06 August 2014

Ban on medical marijuana dispensaries in Ashland lifted

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Ashland, Ore. --- The ban on medical marijuana dispensaries in Ashland has been lifted.It happened at last night's city council meeting. It's good news for Michael Welch, who’s working on relocati ...

24 July 2014

Governor Kitzhaber: Marijuana or daycare

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Ore. -- Governor John Kitzhaber is taking steps to keep medical marijuana cardholders from operating home-based child care centers. Right now, five Oregon home-based daycare's are owned by people wh ...

02 July 2014

Ashland one step closer to allowing medical marijuana dispensaries

Written by Christine Pitawanich, Posted in Local

Ashland, Ore. -- The City of Ashland made a major step toward allowing medical marijuana dispensaries on Tuesday night at the city council meeting. The council voted on three ordinances dealing with ...

30 June 2014

Salem day care suspended over medical pot use

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Salem, Ore. --- (KGW) The state of Oregon has suspended the license of a daycare in Salem because the manager and other staff members smoke pot at the facility while children are on-site. But the m ...