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01 September 2014

Plastic police on patrol

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Ada, Okla. -- (KFOR) An Oklahoma community is getting a lot of attention for the work of one of their officers. He's been featured in the Wall Street Journal and on numerous other sites for his abi ...

29 August 2014

Medford Police run Targeted Pedestrian Enforcement operation

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Medford, Ore. -- Officers are cracking down on a traffic violation many people might not be aware of. At the intersection of Table Rock and Mace Roads, Medford Police conducted extra enforcement, lo ...

27 August 2014

Officers shoot to eliminate the threat

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Medford, Ore. --- Many of our viewers have asked us why officers don’t shoot to wound, by say aiming at a hand or knee, so we brought the question to police.Medford police say when it comes to use ...

27 August 2014

Pawn shop regulations

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Jackson County, Ore. --- In an effort to curb the circulation of stolen goods, Medford Police are calling for stiffer regulations at pawn shops and second-hand stores. Current ordinances require pur ...

21 August 2014

Ashland Police using bait bikes to catch thieves

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Ashland, Ore. -- Ashland Police are using new technology to put bike thieves behind bars. The police department is equipping 'bait' bikes with GPS trackers to help officers track and apprehend bike ...

20 August 2014

Telling the difference between a real police car and an impostor

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Grants Pass, Ore. -- Just this week a Jackson County Sheriff’s deputy pulled over a vehicle clocking speeds of 90-101 on I-5 in Grants Pass. It turned out to be a private security vehicle, but who ...

19 August 2014

Lumpy's on Riverside Avenue robbed

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Updated (8/20 4pm) Medford Police say they have an ID on the man who robbed a Lumpy's on Monday night. Police say 23 year old Jeremi Lathrop walked in and asked to buy cigarettes when the clerk ope ...

15 August 2014

Police: Brown was robbery suspect

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Ferguson, Missouri -- (NBC News)  Police released the name of the officer who shot and killed an unarmed teenager in Ferguson, Missouri over the weekend. Officer Darren Wilson shot and killed 18-ye ...

12 August 2014

Woman arrested for eluding OSP on I-5

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Central Point--(OSP) Oregon State Police troopers arrested a 22-year old female Tuesday afternoon following her attempt to elude police northbound on Interstate 5 between Central Point and Sunny Val ...

11 August 2014

Medford Police ask the public to be more vigilant about reporting missing persons

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Medford, Ore. -- Reports of three missing persons kept Medford Police busy Sunday night and tonight they're asking the public to be more vigilant about reporting missing persons.Police say they typi ...