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21 May 2015

California lake closes to boaters

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Calif. --- (KCRA)  More water is being released from California's Folsom Lake to help reduce salinity in the Delta.The Bureau of Reclamation increased water flows from Folsom Dam early Wednesday mo ...

14 May 2015

Sacramento man paints lawn to keep it green

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Sacramento, Calif. --- A Sacramento man has come up with a way to make California lawns green, even in the midst of a devastating drought.If you drove by Bill Schaffer's lawn you might give him a st ...

06 May 2015

Josephine County declares a drought emergency

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Josephine County, Ore. -- The Josephine County Board of Commissioners unanimously declared a drought emergency this Wednesday morning. The declaration is now on its way to Salem, where Governor Kat ...

06 May 2015

California water restrictions begin in June

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Calif. --- For the first time in history, California water regulators have ordered mandatory water cuts for all Californians. For weeks the Water Control Resources board has gone back and forth on h ...

05 May 2015

Drought takes toll on wildlife

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Calif. --- (KSBY)  Animal experts say California's drought has left wildlife starving and homeless. As the days get warmer, and water supplies dwindle, more animals are in need of help.At Animal Re ...

13 April 2015

Drought could cause food prices to rise

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Calif. --- California’s ongoing drought has some experts warning about possible higher food prices down the line. Water usage is about more than just the water we run in our homes, it is estimated ...

07 April 2015

Governor Kate Brown declares drought emergencies

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Ore. --- Low snowpack and water levels in Oregon, have led to drought emergencies declared in three Oregon counties.Governor Kate Brown has made the declarations for Crook, Harney, and Klamath count ...

01 April 2015

Calfornia Governor enacts water restrictions as the state faces a drought

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Calif. --- California authorities conducted their last manual snowpack survey today in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and there was no snow at the site. The state's Department of Water Resources said t ...

23 February 2015

California farmer water worries

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Calif. -- (KCRA) With water in short supply, farmers who grow almonds and other crops told KCRA 3 on Sunday that prices are likely to rise in the months ahead.That means consumers will have to pay m ...

17 February 2015

NASA warns intense drought conditions

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NASA is warning that much of the western U.S. could face a "megadrought" by the end of this century due to global warming. A NASA study indicates that such a drought could last for decades and that ...