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30 October 2014

Expert says U.S. is experiencing drug abuse epidemic

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Medford, Ore. -- We are in the middle of the worst drug abuse epidemic the country has ever seen. Those are the words of Bob Stutman, a former DEA Agent, who is now considered one of the leading exp ...

18 February 2014

Treating pain without pills

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Medford, Ore. -- More than 100-million Americans suffer from chronic, long lasting pain and tonight new guidelines released out of Southern Oregon hope to change the way doctors treat those patients ...

17 February 2014

Opioid Prescribers Group releases guidelines for treating chronic pain

Medford, Ore. -- Every year dozens of Southern Oregonians go to bed on pain medication and never wake up. According to the Jackson County Health Department, the pill problem is now an epidemic. A g ...