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23 April 2015

NFL offers settlements for concussions

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A big decision has been made in the class-action lawsuit against the NFL over concussions.A federal judge approved a settlement granting up to $5,000,000 to each retired player for serious medical c ...

13 April 2015

Rogue River couple sued over $200,000 because their dogs bark too much

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Rogue River, Ore. --- A Rogue River couple is being sued for more than $200,000 after their neighbors complained their dogs bark too much.Court documents show Karen Sewz and John Updegraff live on t ...

23 March 2015

Lawsuit names nearly 100 low-cost wines with 'unsafe' levels of arsenic

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Los Angeles, Calif. -- A class action lawsuit claims dozens of California wineries produced wine with dangerously high levels of arsenic.  The lawsuit was filed Thursday in California Superior Cou ...

03 March 2015

Family of Portland man killed in blender files lawsuit against meat plant

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Portland, Ore. --- The family of a man killed in Portland while cleaning an industrial size blender has filed a $5,000,000 lawsuit.41-year-old Hugo Avalos-Chanon died at this interstate meat distrib ...

27 February 2015

University of Oregon drops sexual assault counterclaim

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Eugene, Ore. --- The University of Oregon has dropped its lawsuit against an alleged sexual assault victim after protests from other students. The victim filed a lawsuit against the university surro ...

25 February 2015

Purina dog food under lawsuit

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Calif. --- Pet food company, Purina, is in hot water after being sued by a dog owner.The owner filing that lawsuit in California is alleging thousands of dogs have gotten sick or died after eating t ...

21 January 2015

OnTrack denies firing employee unlawfully

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Medford, Ore. --- Well known Medford Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation center OnTrack is denying charges that they fired an employee unlawfully.In November former Ontrack councilor in-training Chavala ...

09 January 2015

Woman files lawsuit against University of Oregon and its basketball coach

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Eugene, Ore. -- A woman who accused three University of Oregon basketball players of gang raping her in March filed a lawsuit Thursday. She's suing the university and head basketball coach Dana Alt ...

03 December 2014

UPS vs. Pregnant Driver

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Washington D.C., -- (NBCNC)  When former UPS driver Peggy Young was pregnant with her daughter in 2006, UPS refused to give her light duty, even though her doctor advised her not to lift 70 pound p ...

19 November 2014

Talent family files lawsuit against police after son dies in custody

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Talent, Ore. -- A Talent family is filing a lawsuit against local police for five million dollars after they say their son died while in police custody. Chris and Shelley Ladue filed the Civil Right ...