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16 June 2015

Harvard business school studies effects of working mom's in kids

Working moms, you can stop stressing now.Leaving your child to go to work is actually better for them and that's according to a recent study by Harvard business school.Researchers found that daughte ...

25 March 2015

Studies find that children on foot are more likely to get hit in spring-time

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A new study finds that children on foot are most likely to be hit by cars in spring-time. Researchers found afternoon and evening hours are most dangerous and injuries are most likely when kids are ...

24 March 2015

Studies suggest too much homework is less effective

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When it comes to math and science homework, sometimes more doesn't always mean better. The American Psychological Association published a study on adolescents and homework. The study of over nearly ...

31 December 2014

Researchers say weight comments lead to gaining weight

Posted in Health

People who criticize women about their waistlines may prompt them to gain even more weight.Researchers in Canada studied a group of college-age women for about eight months, tracking their weight an ...

11 June 2014

Red meat and the risk of breast cancer

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Eating large amounts of red meat in early adulthood could raise a woman's risk of breast cancer. Researchers looked at the diet and medical history of over 88,000 pre-menopausal women. 20 years late ...