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06 July 2015

Oregon ranks number 2 in worst places to make a living

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According to Oregon is the second worst state in the U.S. to make a living. recently analyzed every state to find where workers have the best or worst shot to make a g ...

10 March 2015

Study shows over praising children can lead to narcissism

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Ohio --- When it comes to parenting, it turns out that moms and dads, who think their children are better than everyone else, raise kids who think the same thing.  Researchers at Ohio State Univers ...

23 February 2015

Peanut allergy prevention

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(NBCNC) For years, doctors told parents not to give babies peanut products to help prevent food allergies. But two new bodies of research suggest that advice may have been wrong. The experts now say ...

11 February 2015

Study says napping helps your immune system

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A new study shows napping helps restore the body's immune health after a night of poor sleep. Researchers analyzed hormone levels of 11 men who slept for only two hours the previous night.  After j ...

07 October 2014

New study shows 60% of cell phone users are addicted to their phone

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College students appear to really like spending time on their cell phones. Baylor University researchers surveyed more than 150 college students -- they found nearly 60% admitted they may have a cel ...

07 October 2014

Road Risk: Hands-Free Devices

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(NBC News) Distracted driving crashes killed 3,328 people across the United States last year according to AAA. Now new research indicates that hands free devices for cars and some dashboard infotai ...

01 October 2014

New study says marijuana may threaten area salmon

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Humboldt County, Calif. --- According to a new study by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, the greatest threat to area salmon, may be marijuana. A California Department of Fish and Wild ...

12 August 2014

Danger at the sink?

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Arizona -- (KPNX) There's a new warning about dangerous toxins hiding in common household products. The report, just released by a team of Arizona State University researchers, found certain anti-ba ...

23 July 2014

Report says Oregon marijuana sales would generate $38.7 million in first year

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Ore. -- A new report out shows, legalizing marijuana would raise close to $39,000,000 in it's first year of being taxed and regulated for personal use. The analysis by ECONorthwest reports legal pot ...

15 July 2014

In Oregon, gun deaths outpace motor vehicle deaths for 3rd year in a row

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Washington, DC --  Gun deaths outpaced motor vehicle deaths in Oregon in 2011, the most recent year for which comprehensive nationwide data is available, a new analysis from the Violence Policy Cen ...