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12 August 2015

Former beauty queen charged in cancer scam

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Bellefonte, Penn. --- (WJAC) A Bellefonte, Pennsylvania woman who said she was battling cancer was lying, State Police said, and now faces felony charges. Police arrested Brandi Lee Weaver-Gates, 2 ...

07 August 2015

Medford Police remind you to not leave valuables in car

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Medford, Ore. -- A reminder from Medford Police not to leave valuables in your car. MPD says a group of suspects is hitting the city and targeting vehicles at local fitness facilities, namely Super ...

18 December 2014

Local man behind bars for theft charges

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Medford, Ore. --- Authorities say 53 year old Richard Wadley stole thousands of dollars in high-end hunting and fishing equipment from a car on Sunset Avenue on December 9th. Wadley apparently sold ...

04 November 2014

Merrill City recorder sentenced for theft charges

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Klamath Falls, Ore. --- A former Merrill city recorder is headed to prison today to serve a year and a half sentence on theft charges.50 year old Deborah Sue Fuller was arrested in March of 2013 for ...

29 October 2014

Identity theives: targeting children

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Brooksfield, Fla. -- (WFLA)  Authorities are issuing a new warning for parents about thieves targeting children. They're using synthetic IDs. Thieves somehow steal children's Social Security number ...

17 October 2014

Chiloquin man pleads guilty to burglary charges

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Chiloquin, Ore. --- A Chiloquin man will get more than 8 years in prison after pleading guilty to 11 charges related to a burglary spree this spring.23-year old Cylise Dayne Atchley pleaded guilty W ...

23 September 2014

Beaverton sporting goods caught selling stolen merchandise

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Beaverton, Ore. --- Beaverton police are saying that the owner of a sporting goods store bought tens of thousands of dollars of merchandise from a thief that he knew was stolen.Detectives determined ...

03 September 2014

Medford police search for suspects

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Medford, Ore. --- Medford police are asking for your help in identifying two people suspected of theft.These are pictures of the suspects. Police say they used a woman's debit card at several busine ...

27 August 2014

Pawn shop regulations

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Jackson County, Ore. --- In an effort to curb the circulation of stolen goods, Medford Police are calling for stiffer regulations at pawn shops and second-hand stores. Current ordinances require pur ...

29 July 2014

Police looking for suspected Kohl's theif

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Medford, Ore. -- Police are looking for a woman they say picked out a blender at Kohl's and then tried to return it. 27-year-old Mallory Myers is the suspect in the crime. Kohl's security responded ...