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10 November 2014

VA heading towards big changes, how it could affect the Rogue Valley

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White City, Ore. --- On the eve of Veterans Day, the new director of the VA has announced sweeping changes in the agency, designed to make it easier for veterans to get the help they need. Secretary ...

09 June 2014

Local veteran describes health care delays

Written by Kyle Aevermann, Posted in Local, Politics

Medford, Ore -- According to a new audit released Monday by the Department of Veteran Affairs, wait times for Oregon veterans are among some of the longest in the country. The VA facility in White C ...

26 May 2014

Veterans receive unique job opportunities as wildfire season nears

Medford, Ore. -- Wildfire season could mean more job opportunities for returning veterans. Jesse Kiene, a Medford area BLM crew supervisor says his fire suppression crew is made up of 75 percent vet ...

26 May 2014

Memorial Day 2014: "He's not here but I'm glad that his memory is here."

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Eagle Point, Ore. -- Hundreds of people gathered on the lawn at the Eagle Point Veteran's Cemetery to honor both those who served in the United States military and those who have died defending Amer ...

11 April 2014

Klamath County to start 'veterans recognition program'

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Klamath Falls, Ore. -- Military veterans will soon be getting some extra 'perks' in Klamath County. According to Klamath County Clerk Linda Smith the county and the Veterans Service Office will beg ...

03 April 2014

Mental health options avaliable at local VA clinic

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White City, Ore. -- Following Wednesday's shooting at Fort Hood, Texas, reports say that the suspected gunman was recently being evaluated for post-traumatic stress disorder, otherwise known as PT ...

19 February 2014

Klamath Falls Veterans Enrichment Center

Written by Lyle Ahrens, Posted in Local

Klamath Falls, Ore. -- Keeping veterans from becoming homeless is the goal of a 'transition center' in Klamath Falls...but backers still need help from the public. Retired army vet Arthur Norsey is ...