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12 June 2013

Jerry Newcomb One-Legged Green Belt

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When trying to obtain a green belt in most of the Martial Arts, you need a lot of strength and balance in your lower body.  So if you have a prostetic leg like 53 year old Jerry Newcomb, you face s ...

31 May 2013

Gold Dust Days

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Gold Hill has been a town for about 117 years and during that time it's always been a place that celebrates as community.  From an early pioneer salmon feed, to carnival days and now gold dust days ...

24 May 2013

Mill Creek Memorial Festival

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It's a Saturday filled with music, a parade and whole lot of rural Oregon fun.  We're talking about the mill creek memorial festival in Prospect Oregon.

23 May 2013

"My Last Days" Youtube Documentary

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17 and dying of cancer. Minnesota teenager Zach Sobiech reached out to the world through Youtube. He posted a song that touched millions and inspired someone to tell the story of his final days. Zac ...

22 May 2013

Unique Library Display

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A display at the Medford library has brought about an emotional response.  The display shows a real life  interaction between a grandfather and his granddaughter, that seems straight from a childr ...

20 May 2013

Jackson County Library Web Services

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Books, books and more books, that's probably the general image of Jackson County Libraries.  The libraries however have a few on-line innovations that will grab a wider variety of interest.

17 May 2013

SO Swing Convention Day 1

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If you ever thought of getting into swing dancing then this is the weekend for you.  Some of the best West Coast Swing dancers in the world are in Medford for the first official Southern Oregon Swi ...

16 May 2013

Uncorked Artwork

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Wine, food, art and one heck of a view, it's what the Applegate Valley Wine Trail's "Uncorked" event, is all about. Jacksonville artist Cheryl D. Garcia  created some special pieces for the event. ...

15 May 2013

SOAR Day 2

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Do you want a free lesson into the future of science and technology...or perhaps see a free live theater performance?Then this week Southern Oregon University is the place to be...for the school's a ...