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04 April 2013

North Korea "Ratifies" Nuclear Attack on the U.S.

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North Korean officials have announced on Thursday that the country has "ratified" an attack against the United States.North Korean State T.V. said that the so-called attack could potentially involve ...

02 April 2013

Gun Laws

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Lawmakers in several states are tackling new gun laws, and the NRA unveils its recommendations to improve school security. Danielle Leigh reports.

02 April 2013

Auto Sales Economy

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U.S. auto makers announce strong sales figures for March. Chris Clackum reports.

29 March 2013

North Korea Threatens to "Mercilessly Strike" U.S. Military Bases

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North Korea state media has confirmed that the country's leader put the nation's missile units on standby, to attack U.S. Military bases in South Korea and the Pacific.North Korean state media repor ...

29 March 2013

Tsunami Dock Removed From Washington Beach

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The last of the 65-foot tsunami dock that washed ashore Washington's Olympic peninsula has been removed according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The dock is debris from the ...

28 March 2013

Installation Of Wave Energy Buoy Off Oregon Coast Hits Setback

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The nation's first commercial wave energy operation, expected to be installed off of the Southern Oregon coast this year, is facing a setback. Ocean Power Technologies says it has hit an unexpected ...

27 March 2013

The End Of DOMA?

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Washington, D.C.

Supreme Court could strike down the Defense of Marriage Act, which prevents legally married same-sex couples from receiving a wide range of federal benefits. Danielle Leigh reports.

26 March 2013

Amanda Knox To Be Retried in 2007 Murder Case

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Italy's top criminal court overturned the acquittal of American student Amanda Knox in the murder of her roommate.Italy's Court of Cassation ruled that an appeals court in Florence must re-hear the ...

26 March 2013

North Korea Issues Threat to U.S. Military Bases

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North Korea has issued a new threat against the U.S.   Reports just released reveal the country has ordered it's rocket and long-range artillery units to be combat-ready.  It said the weapons wou ...

25 March 2013

Supreme Court Will Hear Arguments on Marriage Equality

Written by Kyle Aevermann, Posted in U.S. & World News

Crowds have been lining up for days outside of the US Supreme Court in Washington D.C. as the justices get ready to review oral arguents in two same sex marriage cases. The court will hear oral arg ...