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28 November 2012

Wednesday Night's Powerball Reaches Record High

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Gas stations and lottery facilities may will be extremely busy Wednesday, as people purchase those Powerball tickets! Wednesday's big drawing is the largest Powerball in history... $500 million doll ...

26 November 2012

Experts Predict Most Profitable Cyber Monday Ever

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It was a hectic weekend for both retailers and shoppers and the frenzy continues with 'Cyber Monday.' One consumer expert says this 'Cyber Monday' could be the single biggest online shopping day ev ...

14 November 2012

Toyota Recalls Over 2 Million Cars; the Second Recall in a Month

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Do you drive a Toyota? The car manufacturer is issuing another multi-million vehicle recall. Toyota is recalling nearly two-point-eight million cars world-wide, due to problems with the steering mec ...

11 November 2012

Veteran Unemployment Rate Drops

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Some good news for our men and women who have served. Tonight the US Bureau of Labor Statistics says veterans have a better chance of finding work than they did one year ago today. According to numb ...

09 November 2012

Nestle Recalls Popular Product

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It's a family favorite hot chocolate mix, and it's being recalled across the country.Nestle USA announced they have recalled it's Nesquick chocolate powder due to possible risk of salmonella poisoni ...

09 November 2012

Wells Fargo ATM Machines Bring $1 Million Dollars to Hurricane Sandy Victims

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In just over a week, Wells Fargo customers have donated more than 1 million dollars to Hurricane Sandy Victims. The bank set up a donation option in ATM machines, giving all the proceeds go to the A ...

08 November 2012

Jared Loughner To Be Sentenced Thursday

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Jared Loughner, the man who pleaded guilty to shooting congresswoman Gabby Giffords and 18 others, will be sentenced Thursday in Tucson.Six people were killed in the January 2011 attack and 13 other ...

05 November 2012

Presidental Candidates Head Out for Final Day of Campaign

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President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney make one final push in the last day of campaigning.On his final day of the 2012 campaign, President Obama will hold events with Bruce Springsteen at h ...

01 November 2012

Shooting at USC Injures Four, Two Suspects in Custody

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The University of Southern California campus was put on lockdown, after shots were fired outside a campus Halloween party, injuring four people.  Witnesses say the shooting occurred during an overc ...

30 October 2012

Sandy May Be Affecting Voter Turnout On The East Coast

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Superstorm Sandy has slammed the east coast and now the question is how will it affect the November election just a week away. A handful of battleground states were hit by Sandy and experts here in ...