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10 October 2012

Muslim Cleric Pleads Not Guilty To Organizing Terrorist Training Camp in Oregon

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A Muslim cleric charged with terrorism, including starting a terrorist training camp for al-Qaida here in southern Oregon, pled not guilty in a US court Tuesday. Abu Hamza al-Masri is accused of s ...

09 October 2012

Sandusky Recieves 30 to 60 Year Sentencing

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Jerry Sandusky has been given a sentence of not less than 30 years and no more than 60 years with credit for time served. He was convicted in june of sexually abusing ten boys over 15 years. Sandus ...

04 October 2012

Mixed Reaction Following the First Presidential Debate

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President Barack Obama and Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney took center stage for their first of three debates in Denver Wednesday night. The two candidates sparred on the issues which ...

03 October 2012

Watch the First Presidential Debate Wednesday Night on NBC 5

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The first face-to-face meeting between the Presidential candidates happens Wednesday night.  President Barack Obama will square off against Republican challenger Mitt Romney at the university of De ...

02 October 2012

Peanut Butter Recall Expands To Peanut Based Products

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Officials at New Mexico based company Sunland have issued a peanut product recall for more than 70 products they sell at a number of retailers. Last week the company recalled Trader Joe's Valencia ...

01 October 2012

The Supreme Court Begins a New Term Monday

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With Health Care Reform now behind them, the United States Supreme Court begins a new term Monday, with some potentially explosive topics on the agenda.  The High Court is expected to tackle affirm ...

01 October 2012

Suicide Bombing Kills 3 U.S. Soldiers in Afghanistan

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We start with developing news out of Afghanistan, as three U.S. soldiers are among the dead Monday morning, following a suicide bombing.A Taliban spokesman has claimed responsibility for the attack. ...

27 September 2012

Time's Running Out to Claim Exxon Valdex Oil Spill Settlement Fund

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Nearly 23 years after a massive oil spill, 900 people who were affected have yet to claim money that they were granted in a settlement fund.    KMXT reports this morning that a settlement fund se ...

26 September 2012

Crater Lake Wagon Trail

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It's one of America's top natural wonders, but visitors to Crater Lake, rarely learn just how the lake became a top tourist spot.  An old wagon road served as the only route from the Rogue Valley t ...

17 September 2012

Boy Scouts Alleged Sex Abuse Files

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The Boy Scouts of America is under fire after the Los Angeles Times says it's investigation into confidential reports of alleged child abusers in the B.S.A  - - shows a pattern of secrecy. This, ju ...