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19 February 2014

Buddy bench: Recess relief

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Henderson, Colo. -- (KUSA) A Colorado second grader noticed kids at recess who had nobody to play with. So he decided to do something about it by making sure everyone had friends to play with on the ...

18 February 2014

Ukraine protest leaves several dead

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Kiev, Ukraine - (NBC News) Authorities in Kiev said Tuesday violence between protesters and police has killed at least fourteen people, including six police officers. Street battles continue into th ...

18 February 2014

Long lost letter found

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Corydon, Ind. -- (WAVE) While some may have called it a clunker, something about the rusted exterior and the task of restoring the interior, partially eaten by mice and varmints, lured one man. Dea ...

14 February 2014

Postmarked with love

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Valentine, Neb. -- (KDLT) With a population of less than 3,000 Valentine, Nebraska isn't exactly a place that sticks out on a map. "When they see NE for Nebraska I've heard it called New England be ...

12 February 2014

Caught on Cam: Dramatic takedown of a California suspect

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Sacramento, Cali. -- (CNN, KMAX; KOVR) A police take-down in Sacramento, California would make any NFL football player proud. It all started when a 19-year-old man allegedly committed a crime at a ...

11 February 2014

Community castle in ice

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Mayville, N.Y. -- (WICU) The centerpiece of the annual winter festival in Mayville, New York is nearly complete. Volunteers are now putting the finishing touches on a giant ice castle. The festi ...

11 February 2014

Calcium pills linked to heart problems in women

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(NBC News) Many women take calcium supplements to prevent osteoporosis, but the pills have come under fire recently for potentially increasing the risk for heart problems. Nancy Dennis took calciu ...

08 February 2014

Kid Composer

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Fargo, N.D. -- (KVLY) One young man at Kindred Elementary in Fargo, North Dakota is playing the music he personally composed into a symphony. You might say eleven year old Karl Swenson is flexing h ...

08 February 2014

Showing love for less

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(NBC News) This weekend is absolutely, positively the last chance to save on flowers, candy or gifts for your Valentine's day sweetheart because by next week, you're at the mercy of retailers. "The ...

08 February 2014

Gotta Run!

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Oro Valley, Ariz. -- (KVOA) A 92-year-old Arizona driver fled the scene of a serious traffic accident, and the excuse she gave police is drawing attention. Persis Draper of Oro Valley is charged wi ...