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04 October 2013

Tropical Storm Karen Brewing In Gulf Coast

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Winds are already picking up along the gulf coast, as Tropical Storm Karen heads that way. In gulf shores, Alabama tourists are getting ready to leave, after the storm warning was posted. People who ...

02 October 2013

Day Two: What's Next in the Government Shutdown?

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We're now facing day two of the government shutdown. With 800,000 American families facing life without paychecks, lawmakers are talking again on Wednesday.On Tuesday, the House of Representatives v ...

26 September 2013

Barnes & Noble Rolls Out Holiday Shopping Discounts

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Barnes & Noble is hoping its customers will get a jump start on their holiday shopping with a new money-saving offer.  The major book and media retailer has announced it's Member Appreciation D ...

25 September 2013

Disney Dumps Disabled Guest Policy

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A program that has given disabled guests faster and more frequent access to Walt Disney World attractions will soon be replaced. Disney executives are poised to crack down on people who abused the ...

19 September 2013

FedEx Preps to Increase Rates

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Federal Express has announced that its rates will increase next year for expedited shipping.  The rates are expected to increase an average of 3.9% percent for U.S Domestic and International Servic ...

19 September 2013

Asante To Host Informational Seminars On Affordable Health Care

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THE AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE ACT. WHAT DO YOU REALLY KNOW?   Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center will be holding an informational seminar on healthcare changes today--called "healthcare reform and ...

14 September 2013

Nuclear disaster still complicates sister cities’ relationship

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After more than a decade, the high school student exchange program between Pendleton and its Japanese sister city is on the edge of ending. But parties on both sides of the Pacific Ocean are talking ...

09 September 2013

Congress Back in Session, Syria Ranks Top Priority

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Members of Congress get back to work on Monday, after a five week summer recess. Syria will be at the top of the agenda for lawmakers. Members face a momentous vote on whether the United States shou ...

06 September 2013

Crater Lake Inspires Awe Around The World

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Crater Lake is among 20 of the most awe-inspiring destinations in the world, according to trip advisor. The list is based on feedback from fans and followers on facebook and twitter as well as trip ...

04 September 2013

Reported 6.9 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Japan

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A strong earthquake struck parts of Eastern Japan Wednesday morning. The Japan Meteorological Agency says the quake registered a magnitude of 6.9. While the U.S. Geological Survey measured the quake ...