26 March 2012

Obama's Health Care Reform Law Goes to Supreme Court

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Monday, the US Supreme Court will hear the first of three unprecedented days of arguments on President Obama's health care reform law Monday.  At the core of this case, can Congress force every Am ...

19 March 2012

GOP Primary: March 19th

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There was another win for Mitt Romney over the weekend, as the candidates now prepare for tomorrow's primary in Illinois. This one is big.  Illinois has more delegates at stake than any other state ...

16 March 2012

On The Campaign Trail

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The president is in campaign mode, even though it's not yet clear who his opponent will be. Four days before the Illinois primary, Mitt Romney was attacking President Obama on his home turf Friday. ...

08 March 2012

Oregon Health Insurance Exchange Bill

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Thursday, Governor Kitzhaber signed a bill authorizing the launch of the Oregon Health Insurance Exchange. The exchange is a marketplace where individual Oregonians and small businesses can shop fo ...

07 March 2012

Tracy Potts: Super Tuesday

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We give you the latest results of yesterday's Super Tuesday primaries.

06 March 2012

Super Tuesday on Oregon Primary

Written by Travis Koch, Posted in Politics, Local

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The Oregon Presidential Primary is not until May when, historically, the GOP nominee has already been chosen. Will It be different this year?  

05 March 2012

Super Tuesday Coming Up!

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We are now at the day before super Tuesday, meaning eleven states vote tomorrow for the GOP nomination. NBC's Tracie Potts has the very latest from Capitol Hill.

27 February 2012


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Tomorrow's Michigan primary is a must-win for Mitt Romney. If the polls are accurate, Romney's chances for a victory in his home state have improved since Rick Santorum revealed his passionate Chri ...

23 February 2012

Gauging The Debate

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A loss Tuesday in his home state of Michigan could devastate Mitt Romney's campaign, but he's fought back to a tie in the polls with Rick Santorum. Romney went after Santorum's image as a true cons ...

17 February 2012

Payroll Tax Cut Extension

Written by Craig Smullin, Posted in Politics, Local

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A rare bipartisan deal in Congress will keep payroll taxes from going up for 160-million Americans... but adds $100-billion dollars to the deficit.     The tax cut extension passed the Senate and ...