Feds Looking At Phone Records Of Verizon Customers

, Posted: Thu, June 6 2013 at 6:11 PM, Updated: Mon, June 10 2013 at 11:18 AM

The National Security Agency says they requested the records to protect the nation from terrorist threats.

But some say it's a simple matter of invasion of privacy.

2 month ago Katrina Hanning was a Verizon wireless customers who switched carriers for a cheaper plan.

But learning that the national security agency has ordered a collection of records under a secret court order shocked her.

"It's absolutely ridiculous. The fact that they are even requesting our information is an invasion of privacy," said Medford resident, Katrina Hanning.

The order requires sharing telephone numbers, location, time and duration of the calls.

But it does not require that the contents of conversations be turned over.

There are nearly 100 million Verizon customers and the company has declined to comment.

"It's not just Verizon. I assume it's all the other carriers as well," said Sen. Jeff Flake.

The House Intelligence Committee says they've been monitoring calls for years to help catch terrorists and it's been a successful operation.

"That within the last few years, this program was used to stop a program - excuse me - stop a terrorist attack in the United States. we know that," said Rep. Mike Rogers, (R) Chair-House Intelligence Committee.

Oregon senator Ron Wyden released a statement saying "I believe that when law-abiding Americans call their friends, who they call, when they call, and where they call from is private information. Collecting this data about every single phone call that every American makes every day would be a massive invasion of Americans’ privacy."

Oregon senator Jeff Merkley also released a statement saying he has "significant concerns" about over-collecting information from American's.


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