James Holmes Appears In Court

, Posted: Mon, July 23 2012 at 4:36 PM, Updated: Mon, July 23 2012 at 6:31 PM

As suspected "Dark Knight Rises" shooter James Holmes appeared in court...speculation about his mental state continues tonight.....

He sat in the courtroom with orange hair and appeared dazed.
He is charged with killing 12 and injuring 59 at an opening night showing of the Batman movie in Aurora, Colorado on Friday.

Many ask what can be done --if anything--to stop these kinds of tragedies before they happen.

Officials say it comes down to two aspects: the availability of mental health care and getting the law involved in time.

"I think part of the problem with mentally unstable people is we make it hard for them to get health care," says Aaron Fuchs of Roseburg. 
On the eve of James Holmes first court appearance on charges of opening fire at the premiere of Batman movie "The Dark Knight Rises"  killing 12 and injuring 59, the question of his sanity is being raised.

While in court, he sat staring off in space with orange hair.

At this point there's no indication he accessed mental health care.

"If ppl don't have access to adequate care," says Clinical Psychologist Douglas Col.  "I can guarantee you that hundreds or thousands of times that number of people are going to die because they don't get adequate care when they need it."

New information, indicates Holmes was quiet and easily forgotten.      According to TMZ, he was recently rejected by three women in an adult chat room. Whether he suffers from a pathological disorder or was merely upset, Holmes motive remains unclear at this time.
"We haven't seen any evidence that he's technically scitzophrenic or mental illness," continues Dr. Col.  "Sometimes people get notions that they just run with."

And Lt. Mike Budreau of Medford Police says before anyone can be committed or have weapons removed from their home--there has to be evidence. "They must prove that person is a danger to themselves or a danger to others."
The person reporting must also be specific in their claims and willing to identify themselves.

So while the hands of time cannot be reversed on the shooting in Colorado...
"We are always trying to learn from cases like this." At least, Lt. Budreau says, we can learn for the future.

If you suspect someone is unraveling, as suspected shooter Holmes may have been, it's important to tell police so they can get a process started.

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