Komen Reverses Course

, Posted: Fri, February 3 2012 at 11:14 PM, Updated: Fri, February 3 2012 at 11:28 PM

Content Warning: Portions of this video are quite graphic. Viewer discretion is advised.

Earlier this week the Susan G. Komen foundation, an organization that raises money for cancer research and prevention, said they planned to pull funding from planned parenthood's breast cancer screenings.

Those screenings typically helped low income women get breast exams but hours after the announcement, came the back lash, viral on YouTube.

"This is what cancer looks like..you don't see politics here..."

Even members of the Susan G. Komen foundation. Some of whom are cancer survivors themselves were outraged.

"I was such a proud supporter, but I can no longer support your cause because politics, religion, and God only knows what has infiltrated your program." said Linda, a breast cancer survivor.

Critics say the foundation pulled the funds because of politics.

Some planned parenthood clinics perform abortions.

Dale Johnson said "At first, I was not surprised, because there is some back lash going on. All the time that opportunity exist. Then, I kinda of get angry about it."

But in a statement issued today, the Susan G. Komen foundation not only restored those funds but went on the defense saying that policies prevented them from supporting an organization under government investigation.

They said that policy would be amended and that qualifying investigations "must be criminal and conclusive in nature."

Since the funding was pulled by Susan G. Komen. Planned parenthood has raised millions by those angered with their decision.

"One thing cancer is it makes you frank It makes you say what you feel. It makes your no longer scared. When you're surviving, you're ready to fight the world. And I want to tell you something right now....The foundation....you showed your a@#, now you can kiss mine. Thank you."

The Susan G. Komen foundation issued a formal apology this morning saying they want to be fair and serve women in need.

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