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07 January 2015

ODFW to determine future of bear cub roaming between Medford and Phoenix

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Medford, Ore. --- The life of a juvenile black bear spotted roaming between Phoenix and Medford hangs in the balance.Oregon Fish and Wildlife biologists responded to calls Tuesday and found the 14-p ...

22 October 2014

Ashland bear cub finds new home

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Ashland, Ore. --- An update now on our favorite wandering bear cub.The little, girl it turns out, was found wandering around the Rite-Aid pharmacy yesterday, this video shot just after she'd paid a ...

02 July 2014

Bear cub gets his head stuck in a cookie jar

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(NBC News) A bear cub is recovering in New Jersey this morning, after falling victim to temptation, and getting into all kinds of trouble. Somebody in Ringwood put a cookie jar in the trash last Fri ...

21 May 2014

Mother bear rescues cub from highway

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British Columbia, Canada -- Take a look at this rescue! A black bear cub was stuck on the edge of the highway, when the mother bear reached over the concrete barrier to save her cub. If you look clo ...