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22 April 2015

Feds recall 900K Trek bikes after rider paralyzed

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(KGW) Almost one million Trek bikes are being recalled in the United States and Canada after a crash that left one rider paralyzed. Included in the recall are 900,000 bikes in the U.S., and 98,000 s ...

08 April 2015

Chainsaw road rage

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A weekend confrontation between drivers in Canada is taking road rage to a new and bizarre level. Two parents, with their children in the car, decided to chase down a driver they say cut them off. T ...

11 March 2015

Alberta town bans swearing, yelling and spitting

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Alberta, Canada --- Swearing, screaming and spitting are now illegal in an Alberta town. Council members in Taber have passed bylaws outlawing what is usually considered just bad behavior. The first ...

04 March 2015

Canadian Government urging citizens to stop "Spocking"

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(NBC Montana and CNN Money) -- Live long, prosper ... and Spock your bills. Actor Leonard Nimoy -- Spock -- died last week, but he lives on, as Canadians leave their tribute to the "Star Trek" lege ...

31 December 2014

Researchers say weight comments lead to gaining weight

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People who criticize women about their waistlines may prompt them to gain even more weight.Researchers in Canada studied a group of college-age women for about eight months, tracking their weight an ...

10 November 2014

McDonald's recalls 2.3M Hello Kitty toys for choking hazard

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(NBC News) McDonald's recalled about 2.3 million Hello Kitty toys in the U.S. and another 200K in Canada on Monday because the whistles can pose a choking hazard to young children. The toys were dis ...

22 October 2014

Canada shooting: ISIS link?

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Ottawa, Canada --- (NBC News)  Ottawa remains on alert following a deadly and chaotic morning in and around Canada's Parliament building.The attack began with the killing of a Canadian soldier at t ...

20 March 2014

Back on the dance floor

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Vancouver, Canada. -- (WHDH)  A professional dancer whose leg was partially amputated as a result of the Boston Marathon bombing danced on Wednesday for the first time since the incident. Dancing a ...