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27 February 2015

Man charged with filming sexual abuse of a minor, Neighbors shocked by charges

Written by Matt Jordan, Posted in Local

Medford, Ore. --- A man lodged in the Jackson County Jail faces nearly three dozen felony, sexual abuse and pornography charges. His bail is set at $1,000,000. Darin Lee Mullica, 41, was arrested on ...

24 February 2015

Marijuana now legal in Alaska

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Alaska --- Alaska is now the third state where the use of recreational marijuana is legal.  Starting today, February 24th, it is legal for adults age 21 and older to grow, own and smoke marijuana. ...

19 January 2015

Measles on the move

Posted in U.S. & World News, Health

Calif. --- (NBC News)  More than 50 people have been diagnosed with the measles in an outbreak that began in December at California's Disneyland. "We are very concerned, and it's expanded much more ...

26 November 2014

Fake cancer mom sentenced

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Arapahoe County, Colo. --- (KUSA)  A Colorado mother who admitted to faking her 6-year-old son's cancer was sentenced to five years probation and 90 days in jail Tuesday in Arapahoe County.Sandy Ng ...

06 October 2014

Marriage bans fall

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(NBC News)  The United States Supreme Court has refused to hear cases from five states which were seeking a same-sex marriage ban.That means same-sex couples can now get married in Indiana, Oklahom ...

08 September 2014

Rare virus sickens kids

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(NBC News)  More than a thousand kids across the country have been hospitalized with a severe respiratory virus, and now a dozen states are asking the Centers for Disease Control to help investigat ...

02 September 2014

Texting driver impaled

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Colo. --- (KUSA) A Colorado woman admits she was texting and driving when she hit a pole that went through her car, piercing her thigh and buttocks. Firefighters had to saw off the front and back en ...

13 August 2014

Marijuana revenue not what lawmakers in Colorado expected

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Colo. --- The increase in revenue from Colorado's new marijuana taxes is expected to be half of what the voter guide estimated last year. That's in part because the state may have overestimated how ...

20 May 2014

Colorado car crash survivor speaks out

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Colo. --- (KUSA News) A mother of four, missing for days and found alive in what seems like impossible circumstances, is speaking out for the first time.Kristin Hopkins' car had gone off a 120 foot ...

07 May 2014

Colorado boy charged in dad's murder

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Eagle County, Colo. --- (KUSA News) Colorado authorities have charged a 13-year-old boy with murder in the death of his father.The body of 50-year-old Joseph Kelly Jr. was discovered at his Gypsum h ...