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22 July 2015

Man eats Chipotle for 107 days straight

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Colorado Springs, Colo. --- If you think variety is the spice of life, you're probably not eating the same restaurant food every day. Mark Rantal of Colorado Springs, Colorado has eaten at his local ...

16 July 2015

Holmes eligible for death penalty

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Colo. -- (NBC News)  A jury has found James Holmes guilty of multiple counts of first degree murder and eligible for the death penalty. Holmes, a 27-year-old former neuroscience student at the Uni ...

22 June 2015

Officer comforts girl, 2, after deadly accident

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Brighton, Colo. — (KGW) The Brighton Police officer captured on camera holding and comforting a young crash victim Thursday is sharing the emotional story for the first time. Officer Nick Struck w ...

11 June 2015

Records show maijuana sales in Washington and Colorado over $500 million

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Recreational sales of marijuana in Washington and Colorado have topped a combined $500 million.That's according to government officials and researchers evaluating the impacts of legalizing marijuana ...

01 June 2015

Colorado parents' outraged after son is outed by principal during graduation

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Colo --- Colorado parents' are outraged after their teenage son is outed by his high school principal during graduation. The parents say their son wasn't only forced out of the closet, he was silenc ...

28 May 2015

Warning signs seen before stabbing

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Longmont, Colo. --- (KUSA)  Court records released Wednesday revealed people had raised "red flags" months before a Longmont, Colorado woman allegedly cut a fetus from the womb of an expectant moth ...

22 May 2015

Denver mother's Facebook shaming goes viral

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Denver, Colo. --- A Denver mother's Facebook rant has gone viral, with millions of views and counting. The mom shamed her 13-year-old daughter for posting racy pictures online and claiming to be 19. ...

15 May 2015

Son of fallen officer recieves dad's car after auction

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Greeley, Colo. --- The son of a fallen police officer has now received one of his dad's most prized possessions and a chance to hold onto a legacy that was lost nearly five years ago.  When the pat ...

11 May 2015

"White Appreciation Day" expands

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(KUSA)  The Hispanic owner who plans to hold "White Appreciation Day" at his Colorado barbecue restaurant now says a 10% discount will extend to all customers regardless of race if they ask for the ...

08 May 2015

Colorado business hosting "White People Appreciation Day"

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Colo. --- A BBQ restaurant is advertising a discount on "White People Appreciation Day," June 11th.Because the Hispanic owners say, 'all Americans should be celebrated.'  At a barbecue joint in Mil ...