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12 August 2015

Kids left in car at bar

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Apopka, Fl. -- (WESH)  Police in Apopka, Florida say a woman changed her story several times when faced with witness reports that she left her two young children in an SUV while she drank at a bar ...

11 August 2015

Lost pup travels 900 miles

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Orange Park, Fla. --- (WTLV)  The last week has been an incredible journey for a miniature Australian Shepherd named Bell.The 11-month-old pup is from a home just north of Houston, but went missing ...

30 July 2015

Missing teens' mothers hold onto hope

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Fla. --- (WPTV)  As the U.S. Coast Guard continues to search for missing teenagers Austin Stephanos and Perry Cohen, the boys' family and friends are holding out hope the boys will be found alive.T ...

30 July 2015

Lost-at-sea survivor speaks

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(WPTV)  Lost at sea for nearly a week with no food, no water, and just the company of his best friend, Troy Driscoll is sharing his story of survival. He was 15 at the time, just one year older tha ...

28 July 2015

Cop pelts homeless man with peanuts

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Fla. --- (WFLA)  Florida's Sarasota Police Department has launched an internal affairs investigation after video surfaced showing an officer taunting a homeless inmate, throwing peanuts at the man' ...

27 July 2015

Florida man says he's been banned from a Starbucks location for life

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Tampa, Fla. --- A Bay Area man says he's been banned for life from Starbucks.It’s all because he was allegedly harassing other customers about parking in the handicap spot, he says the manager sen ...

22 July 2015

Caught on cam: man rams bus with head

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Winter Haven, Fla. --- (WESH)  Florida police are looking for a man who headbutted and shattered the glass doors of a bus in Winter Haven.On Saturday the man was leaving a transit bus at the Winter ...

21 July 2015

"We are now a Muslim-free zone"

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Fla. --- (WFLA)  The owner of a Florida gun shop says his store is now a "Muslim-Free Zone".Florida Gun Supply owner Andy Hallinan made the declaration in a politically controversial video posted o ...

10 July 2015

"Cursing" Minions anger parents

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(WCYB)  When Cliff Cole bought a happy meal for his 3-year-old daughter, he wasn't expecting the toy inside to curse."It sounds like it's saying, 'Well I'll be damned,'" said Cole.And he's not the ...

22 June 2015

Beach bacteria puts swimmers at risk

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Fla. --- (WFLA)  Florida beaches are packed as usual this summer, but state health officials warn not everyone should go in the water.The Vibrio Vilnificus bacteria is now blamed for infecting eigh ...