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20 August 2014

Caught on cam: air mail?

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Atlanta, Ga. --- (WXIA)  An Atlanta, Georgia mail carrier is facing disciplinary action after being caught tossing a fragile package onto a balcony.The cameras show the mail carrier stopping part w ...

21 July 2014

Disabled vet gets new wheels

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(WCSH)  Getting outdoors in this kind of weather for a walk or a hike is something many of us enjoy. For many disabled veterans, however, it's impossible because their wheelchairs can't make it ove ...

11 July 2014

Punishment or imprisonment?

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Buford, Ga. --- (WXIA News) Investigators say the Georgia parents who locked up their now-14 year old son in a basement room for more than a year claimed they were simply disciplining the boy at a T ...

11 July 2014

More deaths linked to call-girl?

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Milton, Ga. --- (WXIA News) It's a case that involves sex, drugs and an Atlanta-area prostitute. Alix Tichelman is sitting in a California jail, charged with manslaughter for allegedly injecting a h ...

07 July 2014

Hot car dad denied bond

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Marietta, Ga. --- (WXIA) A judge has ordered that the Georgia man charged with murder in his young son's death inside a hot car, be held without bond in preparation for a trial.During a probable cau ...

27 June 2014

Murder by truck

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Douglasville, Ga. --- (WXIA)  A Douglasville, Georgia family is in shock after a motorist turned a vehicle into a weapon and ran over a grandmother right in front of them.According to her daughter, ...

26 June 2014

New charges in hot car death

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Cobb County, Ga. --- (WXIA) A 22-month-old Georgia boy left in a hot car for several hours died of hyperthermia, according to an autopsy report.Cobb County police issued a new warrant against Justin ...

19 June 2014

Toddler dies in hot car

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Cobb County, Ga. --- (WXIA News) A Georgia child has died after being left in a hot car.According to Cobb County Police Sgt. Dana Pierce the boy's father was supposed to bring the 22-month-old to da ...

18 June 2014

Baby burned at daycare

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Ga. --- (WXIA)  Multiple state agencies are joining forces with Georgia's Hall County Sheriff's deputies to determine when an 18-month-old child was burned and how.Megan Seabolt, the boys mother, s ...

30 May 2014

Toddler hurt by police flash grenade

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Atlanta, Ga. --- (WXIA News) A toddler caught in the middle of a drug raid was seriously injured when a police flash grenade exploded in his playpen.The 19-month-old child is now in Grady Hospital's ...