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26 May 2015

Texas floods worsen

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Central, Texas -- (NBC News)  Twelve people are still missing in central Texas as deadly flooding continues. Eight people have died and three dozen counties across the area are in a State of Emerge ...

21 April 2015

Baby delivered after fatal accident

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Houston, Texas --- (KPRC)  Police in Houston, Texas say a pregnant woman was run over and killed unintentionally by her husband Monday.Doctors were able to successfully deliver her baby.The baby is ...

27 January 2015

Creepy peeper: baby monitor hacked

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Houston, Texas --- (KPRC)  A Houston, Texas nanny says a man hacked into the baby monitor of the child she was caring for and talked about what she was doing inside the house Monday.Ashley Stanley ...

26 January 2015

Death at the dog park

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Houston, Texas --- (KPRC)  A dog shot at a Houston, Texas area dog park on Sunday has died."I don't know how I'm going to sleep tonight," an eyewitness said. "I'm going to hear the sound of those b ...

09 January 2015

FedEx driver swipes puppies

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Houston, Texas --- (KPRC)  A FedEx driver has been suspended after being accused of taking two puppies from the front of a Houston, Texas family's home.The incident was caught on the home's surveil ...

07 November 2014

SUV crashes into Houston restaurant

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Houston, Texas --- An SUV plowed through the glass window of a restaurant in Houston Wednesday.Several customers inside were pushed into the buffet line and security cameras inside caught it all on ...

28 October 2014

Creepy cop busted

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Houston, Texas --- (KPRC) Texas authorities are looking for other potential victims after a Houston area school district police officer was accused of asking a woman for sexual favors in exchange fo ...

03 September 2014

"Black girl" receipt causes stir

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Houston, Texas. --- (KPRC)  Social media is buzzing over what a server at Bubba's Bar & Grill in Houston, Texas wrote on a receipt.Barnard Bradfield, 19, was working Saturday and he admits it w ...

14 August 2014

Gun rights showdown

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Houston, Texas --- (KPRC)  Members of the gun rights group Open Carry Texas met with Houston's Fifth Ward community leaders Wednesday, hoping to explain why they chose an historic African-American ...

14 July 2014

Texas teen who witnessed murder of her family speaks at memorial

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Houstan, Texas --- (NBC News) The 15-year-old lone survivor of a shooting that left her parents and four siblings dead in their Texas home bravely thanked the community Saturday for their support ...