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27 August 2014

Officers shoot to eliminate the threat

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Medford, Ore. --- Many of our viewers have asked us why officers don’t shoot to wound, by say aiming at a hand or knee, so we brought the question to police.Medford police say when it comes to use ...

19 August 2014

Coos Bay shooting leaves one man and shooter dead

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Coos Bay, Ore. -- In Coos Bay a man shot and killed a stranger sleeping in a car at Bastendorff Beach before turning the gun on himself early this Tuesday morning, the Coos County District Attorney ...

15 August 2014

Reynolds High holds open house for new, returning students

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Troudale, Ore. -- It's been a summer of healing for students at Reynolds High School. Two months ago, a student opened fire, killing freshman, Emilio Hoffman and injuring a PE teacher.On Thursday, t ...

11 August 2014

Unrest continues after death of teenager

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St. Luis, Missouri -- The streets in the Missouri community of Ferguson are relatively quiet today.  But there are still some signs of the unrest from last night where more than 30 people were arre ...

06 August 2014

Caught on cam: crash shooting

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Bernalillo County, N.M. --- (KOB) Joseph Cordova only had a few moments to pull out his cell phone when he and a friend drove up on a terrifying scene unfolding Monday night in Bernalillo County, Ne ...

05 August 2014

General dead in Afghan attack

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(NBC News)  U.S. Major General Harold Greene is dead following a gunman's attack inside an Afghanistan military training academy.The two-star general was on a routine visit when witnesses say a lon ...

11 June 2014

Six home made bombs found at scene of Ashland shooting

Written by Roma Villavicencio, Posted in Local

Ashland, Ore.--Investigators said they found six homemade bombs, grenades, and guns inside the Ashland mobile home where Tuesday's shooting occurred. The discovery came one day after the man living ...

10 June 2014

New details in officer involved shooting

Written by Kassi Nelson, Posted in Local

Updated (6/11 7:00 pm) One Ashland resident is dead after an officer involved shooting Tuesday morning. The Jackson County Sheriff's Office has identified the man involved as 73-year-old Earl Harris ...

10 June 2014

School shooting kills one student at a high school near Portland

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Troutdale, Ore. -- Troutdale Police and the Multnomah County Sheriff's Department identified the shooter as 15-year-old Jared Michael Padgett, a freshman at Reynolds High School. Police say Padgett ...

10 June 2014

Officer involved shooting in Ashland

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Update (6:45pm 6/10): There are still more questions than answers tonight after an officer involved shooting in Ashland. Five different law enforcement agencies lined Mistletoe Road a little after 1 ...