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18 May 2015

Violence erupts in Waco, Texas with gang shoot-out

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Waco, Texas --- (NBCNC) Stunned and shocked are words the community of Waco are using to describe what happened yesterday after a deadly shootout between rival motorcycle gangs in broad daylight in ...

07 May 2015

Free gun with purchase?

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Andrews, Texas --- It’s not your typical "free gift with purchase".Buy a new car, get a free gun, that's the promotion running at one car dealership in Andrews, Texas.The Benny Boyd dealership is ...

23 April 2015

Wrong teen seized in custody battle

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Mexico --- (KPRC)  A 14-year-old Mexican girl who was taken by authorities and sent screaming to live in the United States was returned home Wednesday after DNA tests showed she is not the daughter ...

22 April 2015

Charges considered against Texas veternarian who killed cat

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Bellville, Texas – (KING) The case of a Brenham veterinarian who bragged on Facebook about killing a cat is now in the hands of the Austin County District Attorney. The Austin County Sheriff's Off ...

22 April 2015

UPDATE: Popeyes offers to rehire manager fired after robbery

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(Updated 4/23 10:59am) Channelview, Texas — (KGW) The pregnant Popeyes manager who was fired less than 36 hours after a robbery has been offered her job back. Marissa Holcomb, a mother of three wi ...

21 April 2015

Baby delivered after fatal accident

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Houston, Texas --- (KPRC)  Police in Houston, Texas say a pregnant woman was run over and killed unintentionally by her husband Monday.Doctors were able to successfully deliver her baby.The baby is ...

06 April 2015

'Famous' Pizza Lady setting records in Texas grocery store

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San Marcos, Texas -- (KXAN) A Texas supermarket employee is a woman of many words, but the one she says most often at work has made her well known in the Austin area.  Alicia Inns introduces us to ...

25 March 2015

Woman posts rant on another mother's parenting, internet fights back

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Tomball, Texas — (KFOR) The internet seems to be one of the top places for people to make their feelings known. No matter what happens, you will find someone’s opinion about it online. Editor’ ...

02 March 2015

Oregon high school wrestler wins state championship, grandfather suffers heart attack in stands

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Portland, Ore. --- As a Dallas High School wrestler won the state championship, his grandfather suffered a deadly heart attack in the stands.According to the Oregonian, Matt Hofenbredl was halfway t ...

12 February 2015

Triple jackpot!

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(NBC News)  Three lucky tickets have matched the numbers on one of the largest jackpots in Powerball history. The $564.1 million jackpot will be split by winners in North Carolina, Texas and Puerto ...