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02 July 2014

Border tension

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(NBC News) Tensions are rising at the border. The Obama Administration is trying to figure out what to do with hundreds of women and children from Central America who were blocked from entering a fa ...

02 July 2014

Teenage hunter under fire for posing with dead animals on Facebook

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(The Today Show) Kendall Jones is used to being the one behind the barrel, but now the Texas Tech University cheerleader is under fire for photos she’s posted of her hunting expeditions. The 19-ye ...

01 July 2014

Border children: refugee crisis

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(NBC News)  One day after he declared immigration reform dead, President Obama ran into the realities of trying to fix, on his own, a system flooded by the new wave of children arriving at the U.S. ...

24 June 2014

Car thief ditches baby

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Houston, Texas --- (KPRC)  An Amber Alert has been canceled after a missing 8-month-old baby was found safe, abandoned in a vacant lot in Houston, Texas.Authorities say the baby, Genesis Haley, was ...

11 June 2014

Fake student "looking for love"

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Longview, Texas -- (KETK) After months of lying and 29 days in jail, the charade is over for 34-year-old Charity Johnson.Johnson was arrested last month for providing a fake I.D. to police after pos ...

28 May 2014

Good samaritans save baby

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Texas --- (KPRC) A Texas mother has been arrested after police say she was involved in a hit-and-run accident, then drove her car into a bayou with her child inside.Galveston police say LaTonya Kirv ...

21 May 2014

Chipotle issues "no gun" request

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Chipotle is asking customers to check their firearms at the door. The Mexican food chain made the request after gun rights advocates brought military-style assault rifles into a Texas Chipotle resta ...

05 May 2014

High school bans app

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Katy, Texas --- (KPRC News) The principal at Seven Lakes High School in Katy, Texas is trying to get students to stop using the app Gaggle. He has blocked the app from the buildings' Wi-Fi and is pu ...

24 April 2014

Raccoon attacks baby

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Kountze, Texas --- (KBMT News) A newborn is recovering and his mother faces possible criminal charges after police say a pet raccoon attacked the infant. Police officers were called to the Kountze, ...

21 April 2014

Creepy baby prowler arrest

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Katy, Texas --- (KPRC News) A man accused of lurking over a child's crib after breaking into a family's home has been charged.Investigators with the Harris County Sheriff's Offices say 18-year-old C ...