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25 March 2015

Poison meatballs target pets in Utah

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Sandy, Utah --- (KSL)  A Sandy, Utah man says someone is trying to poison his pet.Drew Tovey discovered five meatballs stuffed with Tylenol PM in his yard Monday afternoon.The pills would have been ...

11 March 2015

Utah lawmakers vote to allow firing squad

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Utah --- A bill passed by the Utah state house and senate could make it the only state in the U.S. where the death penalty could be carried out by firing squad.Right now, the bill is headed to the G ...

09 March 2015

Utah baby survives dramatic car crash

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Utah --- A baby survives a dramatic car crash in Utah. Police say she was upside down in her car seat in a frigid river for 13 hours. Spanish-Fork police and firefighters were dispatched to an over- ...

19 January 2015

Measles on the move

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Calif. --- (NBC News)  More than 50 people have been diagnosed with the measles in an outbreak that began in December at California's Disneyland. "We are very concerned, and it's expanded much more ...

26 December 2014

Toilet paper turnaround

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Oakley, Utah. -- (KSL)  Of all the gifts people want Santa to bring down the chimney this Christmas, Matthew Deane is hoping for more toilet paper. "Right now, we are up to 690 rolls," Matthew said ...

23 December 2014

Utah man recovering after nearly drowning in eggnog

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Utah --- (KSN) A Utah man is recovering after nearly drowning in eggnog.Even though the drinks at the party contained no alcohol, the heavy drink nearly put Ryan Roche out of commission for the holi ...

09 December 2014

Mom accused of dumping baby in trash will get to visit child

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Salt Lake City, Utah --- A Utah mother accused of trying to kill her baby will get to visit with the child. Alicia Englert said she has mental issues and was scared when she allegedly tried to kill ...

30 October 2014

Mystery deaths: family poisoned

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Springville, Utah --- (KSL News) Investigators believe a family of five in Springville, Utah died last month of poisoning.Police suspected the family's deaths were "not accidental or natural in any ...

06 October 2014

Marriage bans fall

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(NBC News)  The United States Supreme Court has refused to hear cases from five states which were seeking a same-sex marriage ban.That means same-sex couples can now get married in Indiana, Oklahom ...

30 May 2014

Dead Utah student denied honorary diploma

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Tooele, Utah --- (KSL News) Graduation day Thursday proved bittersweet for one Utah mom who has been in a fight to get her son awarded with an honorary diploma following the teen's accidental death ...