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30 September 2014

Unknown serial bank robber: AK-47 bandit

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The FBI is asking for your help in locating a serial bank robber tonight and they're offering a 50,000 dollar reward for his arrest and conviction.The man on this wanted poster is being called the A ...

30 September 2014

Albertson's data hacked

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Medford, Ore. --- Albertson’s shoppers listen up; the grocery chain announced today they've been hacked.The company announced that in August and September malicious software was installed on their ...

17 September 2014

Minimum wage in Oregon is raising

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Ore. --- Oregon’s minimum wage is going up! Starting next year the minimum wage will rise to $9.25 an hour. The move is expected to generate more than $25 million in new consumer spending for Oreg ...

15 September 2014

Health officials warn about potential measles exposure

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Seattle, Wash. -- Health authorities in Washington are warning of a potential measles exposure at Seattle-Tacoma Airport. Officials are investigating a case of measles in a traveler who was at the ...

25 August 2014

Sleepy students: delaying school

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(NBC News) Your teenager wants to sleep later and now his doctor agrees. Middle and high school students shouldn't have to start school until 8:30 in the morning or later, the American Academy of Pe ...

25 August 2014

Soda pot?

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Longview, Wash. -- (KGW)  A Longview, Washington bottler is using Washington's newly legal marijuana to create a new category of THC treats. It's the kind of pot consumption the founder, Atam Stite ...

22 August 2014

The ISIS threat

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(NBC News)  In a matter of months, the terror group ISIS has risen from an obscure Al Qaeda offshoot to one of the greatest emerging threats against the United States and now Defense Secretary Chuc ...

21 August 2014

Toddler's finger severed in Washington Square escalator accident

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Wash. --- (KGW) A 2-year-old boy was rushed from Washington Square mall by ambulance Wednesday night after he got his fingers caught in the Food Court escalator.A Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue spo ...

19 August 2014

Tree protest in Washington

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Wash. --- A young Washington woman is taking protesting to new heights. 19 year old Chiara D'Angelo is perched 70 feet up in an evergreen to protest a shopping development.She is against their plan ...

18 August 2014

Stolen ashes recovered

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Federal Way, Wash. -- (KING)  A U-Haul truck containing all of a women's property including her husband's ashes, has been recovered. Lee Emory had everything she owns in the U-Haul when it was stol ...