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26 January 2015

Washington mom stabs kids

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Olympia, Wash. -- (KING)  An Olympia, Washington mother has been charged with three counts of attempted murder after allegedly attacking her three young children with a knife. 29-year-old Christina ...

21 January 2015

Jail rolls out body alarms

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Wash. --- (KGW)  A little black box at Washington's Clark County Jail may not look like much, but it packs a big punch. Pull the pin and an alarm goes off, alerting jailers that someone is in troub ...

16 January 2015

Supreme Court says 'I do' to same sex marriage

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Wash. --- A big decision out of Washington DC tonight, as the Supreme Court says 'I do' to the debate over same sex marriage. The nine justices will determine whether gay couples have the constituti ...

14 January 2015

Pup-lic transportation: Seattle mutt takes solo bus rides to dog park

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Seattle, Wash. --- (Today) For a 2-year-old Seattle mutt named Eclipse, bus rides to the local dog park became so routine, she started taking them herself. A black Labrador-mastiff mix, Eclipse made ...

13 January 2015

Oregon senators payoff bet to Ohio senators

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Ore. --- Senators from Ohio and Oregon put the serious work of Washington on pause today to celebrate college football.This was the time for the Senators from Oregon to admit their beloved Oregon Du ...

06 January 2015

Mudslides leave hundreds stranded

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Hoquiam, Wash. --- (KING)  Nearly 200 people in Hoquiam, Washington were cut off after a landslide caused by heavy rain blocked the only road out of the neighborhood.The slide came down on Beacon H ...

24 December 2014

Punch kills Washington teen

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Granite Falls, Wash. --- (KING)  The death of a Washington state teen killed by a single punch to the head has been ruled a homicide by the Snohomish County Medical Examiner's Office.Jarom L. Thoma ...

04 December 2014

Huts for the homeless

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Wash. -- (KING)  A group of volunteers wants to end homelessness on the Washington coast, one hut at a time. The group, headed by Pvgzly Addams, are building what they call a "Homeless Hut." The 20 ...

04 December 2014

Is that pot on your breath?

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Pullman, Wash. -- (KHQ)  Researchers at Washington State University are developing a breathalyzer to detect if you're driving under the influence of marijuana. It's a problem that the Washington St ...

19 November 2014

Clark County bans panhandling on streets

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Clark County, Wash. – (KGW News) Clark County has banned panhandlers on streets. County commissioners approved an ordinance Tuesday forbidding people from soliciting on public roadways. The ordina ...