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06 July 2015

Oregon ranks number 2 in worst places to make a living

Posted in Regional

According to Oregon is the second worst state in the U.S. to make a living. recently analyzed every state to find where workers have the best or worst shot to make a g ...

09 April 2015

Survey suggests people who love grilled cheese sandwiches have more sex

Posted in Entertainment

Do grilled cheese sandwiches lead to a better sex life?  Probably not.   But dating and social-networking site 'Skout' asked 4,600 users all kinds of questions about the sandwich, to figure out wh ...

14 July 2014

Survey: offended by breast-feeding photos on social media?

Posted in U.S. & World News

(The Today Show) Are images of parenting in all its natural and goofy expressiveness being censored online? On Monday, TODAY is exploring "the censorship of motherhood online." We want your thoughts ...

03 June 2014

Teens and seat belts

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(NBC News) About 25-hundred teenagers die each year in car accidents. Safe Kids Worldwide surveyed one-thousand teenagers about their seat belt usage. A quarter of teens don't buckle up every time f ...

30 April 2014

Oregon DMV ranks low on satisfaction survey

Posted in Local, Regional

According to the National DMV Satisfaction Survey completed by, Oregon ranks last in DMV customer satisfaction. Washington state ranked 17th and according to the survey Ohio is the best DMV ...