26 June 2015

Retail sales for recreational marijuana may be happening sooner than expected

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Ore. --- Oregon could see retail sales of recreational marijuana starting sooner than expected.A state legislative committee approved a bill yesterday which would allow early sales through existing ...

16 June 2015

OLCC rolls out 'What's Legal' campaign to help with legal marijuana questions

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Ore. --- You can now head over to www.whatslegaloregon.com for those questions about marijuana legalization in Oregon. The website is up and running and according to the Statesman Journal, the OLCC ...

12 June 2015

New bill may make it easier for people with prior arrests to get a job

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Ore. --- People with prior arrests or convictions may soon have an easier time getting a job.The Oregon Senate passed House Bill 30-25 or the "ban the box" legislation with a vote of 21 to eight.  ...

10 June 2015

Victims of sexual assault on college campuses in Oregon gain stronger protection

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Ore. --- Victims of sexual assault on college campuses in Oregon now have stronger protections. Governor Kate Brown signed House Bill 34-76 today, June 10th, giving victims of sexual assault some of ...

10 June 2015

Oregon bill to make it easier to confiscate firearms from convicted domestic abusers

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Ore. --- An Oregon bill is trying to make it easier for local law enforcement to confiscate firearms from convicted domestic abusers and people under restraining orders. The Oregon House voted 51 to ...

01 June 2015

Senate fails on Patriot Act extension

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(NBC News)  The National Security Agency is pulling the plug on some of its intelligence gathering after the the Senate missed a key deadline to reauthorize key portions of the Patriot Act.It may b ...

08 May 2015

President pushes controversial trade agreement in Oregon

Written by Christine Pitawanich, Posted in Politics, Regional

Beaverton, Ore. -- Nike executives in Oregon are promising 10,000 American jobs if a controversial trade agreement goes through. On Friday President Obama was in Oregon for the first time in three y ...

01 May 2015

Cylvia Hayes' public records case goes before Salem judge

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Salem, Ore. --- A lawyer for former first lady Cylvia Hayes is going before a judge in Salem arguing Hayes should not be forced to release e-mails that deal with public business.Oregon Attorney Gene ...

25 April 2015

Soldier's remains finally return home

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(KSDK)   An Army sergeant killed during the Vietnam War will be laid to rest this weekend in central Missouri, nearly 45 years to the day he died. Sgt. Rodney Griffin was killed May 2, 1970 in Camb ...

22 April 2015

Proposed bill woud restrict people from driving in left hand lane, narrowly passes

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Medford, Ore. --- You’ve seen it before, people who drive too slowly in the left lane. Soon, drivers could find themselves with stiff fines if they're caught driving in that lane.The Oregon House ...