17 April 2015

Obama to Congress: no Iran sanctions

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(NBC News) President Obama warned Friday that if Congress passes tougher sanctions on Iran now, a nuclear deal could be derailed, and sanctions in place already might fall apart."If it is perceived ...

10 April 2015

Wyden makes effort to change the tax code for marijuana businesses

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Ore. --- Senator Ron Wyden has thrown his weight behind an effort to change the federal tax code to make it easier for pot businesses to claim deductions.Senator Wyden is the ranking democrat on the ...

22 March 2015

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz announces presidential bid

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(NBC NEWS) -- Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is the first in for 2016. "I'm running for President and I hope to earn your support!" Cruz announced on Twitter early Monday. I'm running for President and I ho ...

16 March 2015

Governor signs New Motor Voter bill into law

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Salem, Ore. -- It's official, Oregon's New Motor Voter bill is now law. Governor Kate Brown signed it on Monday.   The New Motor Voter bill removes barriers to voter registration and makes it easie ...

16 March 2015

Speculation over U.S. Attorney for Oregon's leave of absence

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Ore. -- (KGW) There’s speculation tonight, March 16th, about why the U.S. Attorney for Oregon has taken a leave of absence.The U.S. Attorney's Office was able to confirm that Amanda Marshall, the ...

13 March 2015

No more Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill?

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Ore. --- Every face on American money is a man's, but one group wants that to change.Women on Twenty’s or W-20 started a campaign to take Andrew Jackson off of the $20 bill and put a woman in his ...

10 March 2015

Clinton addresses emails

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(NBC News)  After days of brewing controversy Hillary Clinton is defending her use of private emails as Secretary of State as a matter of convenience, and nothing more."Looking back, it would have ...

03 March 2015

Clinton emails scrutinized

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(NBC News)  As Hillary Clinton considers entering the 2016 race for president a potential political problem has emerged.According to the New York Times, the former Secretary of State exclusively us ...

25 February 2015

Obama vetoes Keystone X-L oil pipeline

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Washington, D.C.-- President Obama exercised his veto power for the first time in five years, rejecting legislation that would have given final approval to the Keystone X-L oil pipeline. The planne ...

24 February 2015

Funding fight continues

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(NBC News)  The Senate is considering a deal that would pass a Homeland Security funding bill derailed by a separate fight over President Obama's executive orders on immigration.The possible breakt ...