27 February 2014

Could medical marijuana dispensaries boost tourism?

Written by Christine Pitawanich, Posted in Politics, Local, Economy, Health

Ashland, Ore. -- Medical marijuana dispensaries will be legal in Oregon on March 3rd. It's still a hotly debated issue with some cities banning dispensaries and others allowing them. Since Oregon is ...

26 February 2014

Afghan pullout

Posted in Politics, U.S. & World News

(NBC News) President Obama is drawing the line with Afghanistan. Sign an agreement to ensure any troops we leave there are safe, or all of them are coming home by the end of this year.  The U.S. ha ...

25 February 2014

Klamath Union High School targeted for renovation, bond measure

Written by Lyle Ahrens, Posted in Politics, Local

Klamath Falls, Ore. -- Voters in Klamath Falls could be asked in November to pay for a major renovation of Klamath Union High School. Klamath Falls City Schools Maintenance Director Wayne Huggins be ...

25 February 2014

Setting up shop, part 2

Posted in Politics, Local, Health

Medford, Ore. -- On March 3rd, medical marijuana dispensaries will begin opening in Oregon. In fact, experts predict anywhere from 250 to 400 will open their doors this year. That number is equal to ...

25 February 2014

Setting up shop: What soon to come medical marijuana dispensaries mean for you

Posted in Politics, Local, Health

Medford, Ore. -- In just days, medical marijuana dispensaries will be legal in the state of Oregon. What exactly can people expect?    It's a rapid evolution in cannabis control. "As cannabis law ...

25 February 2014

State databases back online following cyberattack

Posted in Politics, Regional, Technology

Salem, Ore. -- (OPB) Two heavily-trafficked online databases maintained by the Oregon's Secretary of State's office were brought back online over the weekend. That announcement comes nearly three w ...

25 February 2014

Obama backs proposal to reform federal wildfire policies

Posted in Politics, Local, Regional

President Obama is endorsing two Oregon Senators' plan to reform federal wildfire policy. The new policy would fund major wildfires the same way as other natural disasters while freeing up money to ...

24 February 2014

Defense cuts on the horizon

Posted in Politics, U.S. & World News

(NBC News) -- The Defense Department has announced planned changes that will reduce the size of each branch of the military. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel says the recommendations will reshape the m ...

24 February 2014

Governors get together

Posted in Politics, U.S. & World News

(NBC News) -- The Nation's Governors are at the White House again today. They had dinner with President Obama last night as part of their winter conference.  Today, it's back to the White House whe ...

21 February 2014

Reed College graduate in Ukraine

Written by Kassi Nelson, Posted in Politics, U.S. & World News

Kiev, Ukraine -- There is good news tonight in Ukraine. The violence and killing has ended in the main square in the capital of Kiev.   Protests began in November when President Viktor Yanukovych ...