21 February 2014

Fragile peace

Posted in Politics, U.S. & World News

Kiev, Ukraine -- (NBC News) Distant rumblings echoed through a much subdued protest camp that had taken over part of the Ukrainian capitol. Protesters are skeptical about a new peace deal reached fo ...

19 February 2014

Police advisory committee takes public comment on potential "dangerous dog" ban

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Medford, Ore. -- The public sounded off Wednesday on potential restrictions for so-called dangerous dogs and their owners. Nearly 50 people packed the City Council Chambers sharing their thoughts ...

19 February 2014

Medical marijuana dispensary regulation debate

Written by Lyle Ahrens, Posted in Politics, Local

Klamath Falls, Ore. -- Klamath Falls city and Klamath County government met today to work on possible regulations for medical marijuana dispensaries and they're facing a tight deadline. Edward Medin ...

19 February 2014

Obama condemns Kiev violence

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(NBC News)  President Obama has warned the government of Ukraine to stop killing peaceful protesters. The day after 25 people died as police clashed with protesters in Kiev, Mr. Obama warned of wha ...

18 February 2014

Jacksonville City Council to discuss medical marijuana dispensaries

Posted in Politics, Local, Health

Jacksonville, Ore. -- Medical marijuana dispensaries will be legal in Oregon in March, but some cities are acting to prevent them from opening in their town. On Tuesday night Jacksonville City Counc ...

18 February 2014

Ukraine protest leaves several dead

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Kiev, Ukraine - (NBC News) Authorities in Kiev said Tuesday violence between protesters and police has killed at least fourteen people, including six police officers. Street battles continue into th ...

13 February 2014

Walden calls on federal investigation into 'Cover Oregon'

Written by Kyle Aevermann, Posted in Politics, Local, Health

Medford, Ore. -- After failing to sign anyone up through the state run health insurance exchange known as 'Cover Oregon, US Representative Greg Walden called for a federal investigation into the web ...

13 February 2014

No rules for where a private medical marijuana grow can crop up

Written by Christine Pitawanich, Posted in Politics, Local

Medford, Ore. -- Do you know what could be growing next to your child's school? According to Medford Police, legal medical marijuana grows are in some cases cropping up right against the school yard ...

03 February 2014

Phoenix City Council considers and votes down moratorium

Posted in Politics, Local

Phoenix, Ore. -- According to state law medical marijuana dispensaries will be legal in Oregon starting March 3rd, but cities like Coos Bay, Hillsboro and Tualatin have temporary bans in place to bu ...

28 January 2014

Oregon Congressmen react to State of the Union speech

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Medford, Ore. -- With a new Wall Street Journal poll showing the majority of Americans believe the country has been on the wrong track for a decade, President Obama addressed a critical nation in Tu ...