Online Petition Aims For Stricter Gun Laws In Ashland

, Posted: Wed, January 8 2014 at 11:50 PM, Updated: Thu, January 9 2014 at 2:49 PM

A petition aims to impose stricter gun laws in the city of Ashland, but it has some worried the proposed restrictions could infringe on their 2nd amendment rights.

The group 'Citizens For A Safe Ashland' is circulating the online gun safety petition on So far they have about 150 signatures.

It's caught the attention of City Councilwoman Carol Voisin who said, "A lot of things can happen around firearms, and I think the more we can do to protect our children the better off we are going to be. To me that's why it's important. It's about the children, and it's about public safety."

The group is proposing two city ordinances. One would make it illegal to carry a loaded firearm in public spaces.  It would also make it illegal for anyone carrying a weapon, clip or magazine to refuse a Peace Officer's request to inspect the items.

Voisin said, "It's basically moderate, practical control of firearms in Ashland. That's all it is."

But some say the proposals go too far. "What this appears to do is to be chipping away at the 2nd Amendment, and it's in conflict with Oregon statute. So on face value, this ordinance is illegal," said Robert McKean, Oregon Firearms Federation Spokesperson.

McKean added, "Oregon statute tells you when and where you can carry firearms, and this goes beyond that and is now going to the local community to basically override what the state has said are the rules and regulations."

The second proposed ordinance would make it a crime to allow minors access to a loaded or unloaded firearm without permission from a parent or guardian.  Violating either ordinance would be a Class "A" misdemeanor.

A number of Oregon cities have similar laws including Portland and Salem.

Councilwoman Voisin is presenting the proposal on behalf of 'Citizens For A Safe Ashland' at a council study session on February 3rd.

For more information on the proposed ordinances, go here:

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