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27 January 2015

Charges for Bergdahl?

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(NBC News)  Senior defense officials tell NBC News that Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl will be charged with desertion, possibly within the coming week.The Pentagon, meanwhile, maintains that a decision ha ...

10 September 2014

President Obama: Plan on ISIS

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President Barack Obama is scheduled to address the nation live.NBC5 will carry the address in its entirety as the President makes his case for a U.S. plan to deal with ISIS.Just as Mr. Obama pulled ...

06 August 2014

Bergdahi prepares for questioning

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(NBC News)  U.S. Army Sergeant and former Tabiban prisoner Bowe Bergdahl will be questioned Wednesday by an Army investigator for the first time about his 2009 disappearance in Afghanistan.Sgt. Ber ...

05 August 2014

General dead in Afghan attack

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(NBC News)  U.S. Major General Harold Greene is dead following a gunman's attack inside an Afghanistan military training academy.The two-star general was on a routine visit when witnesses say a lon ...

28 July 2014

Overhauling veteran care

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(NBC News)  Congresssional leaders have announced a compromise bill designed to improve care at veterans hospitals.The plan should mean shorter waits for care, especially for younger veterans just ...

09 June 2014

Oregon soldiers get ready for Afghanistan

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Portland, Ore. -- (OPB)Hundreds of soldiers in the Oregon National Guard are deploying this summer and will be among the last Americans to serve in Afghanistan. A battalion of 400 soldiers mobili ...

02 June 2014

Bergdahl controversy growing

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(NBC News) The release of an American POW in Afghanistan has the Obama Administration on defense about the price they paid to bring him home. Five top Taliban leaders are free this morning - and so ...

27 May 2014

Afghanistan: what's next?

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(NBC News) President Obama announced Tuesday a final withdrawal plan for U.S. troops in Afghanistan.Speaking at the White House, the president said U.S. combat missions in Afghanistan will be over b ...