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18 February 2015

Man scores big find at Goodwill store

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Phoenix, Ariz. --- A man found quite the treasure at a thrift store in Phoenix, Arizona. He bought a watch for $5.99 and then sold it for $35,000. Zack Norris hit the thrift store jackpot finding a ...

12 January 2015

Finding his voice again

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Az. -- (KPNX)  The damage caused by a button battery lodged inside the throat of Emmett Rauch, a 5-year-old boy from Peoria, Arizona is staggering. It required 65 surgeries to reconstruct his esoph ...

17 December 2014

No smoking employee's?

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Ariz. --- (KVOA)  One county in Arizona says it's losing $13 million dollars a year to costs from its employees' smoking, and it's considering taking action.Pima County officials say smokers take m ...

21 October 2014

Arias sentencing: life in prison or death?

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Az. -- A former Medford and Yreka resident begins a sentencing re-trial in Arizona.Jurors will decide if Jodi Arias should be put to death for murdering her ex-boyfriend.  Last year, a jury found h ...

02 October 2014

Starbucks: Pay to pee?

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Phoenix, Az. -- (KPNX)  It's not uncommon for restaurants and gas stations to ask customers to make a purchase before using the bathroom, but Ilana Scheinker, more than eight months pregnant, claim ...

27 August 2014

Tragedy on the gun range

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Dolan Springs, Ariz. --- (NBC News)  An Arizona man is dead following an accidental shooting at a Dolan Springs gun range.Police say  39-year-old Charles Vacca was instructing a 9-year-old girl on ...

15 August 2014

Arizona teacher drunk in class

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Ariz. --- (KPNX)  An Arizona high school teacher was cited Wednesday after she showed up to school intoxicated.Kathleen Jardine, a 57-year-old math teacher, blew a 0.205 on a breathalyzer test afte ...

12 August 2014

Danger at the sink?

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Arizona -- (KPNX) There's a new warning about dangerous toxins hiding in common household products. The report, just released by a team of Arizona State University researchers, found certain anti-ba ...

24 July 2014

Arizona botches execution

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Ariz. --- (NBC News)  Witnesses say condemned inmate Joseph Rudolf Wood gasped for more than an hour and a half during his execution Wednesday night in Arizona.He was finally pronounced dead almost ...

02 July 2014

Border tension

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(NBC News) Tensions are rising at the border. The Obama Administration is trying to figure out what to do with hundreds of women and children from Central America who were blocked from entering a fa ...