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27 May 2015

Jackson County commissioners make final decision on where medical marijuana facilities can be

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Medford, Ore. --- Jackson County commissioners took a final vote today, May 27th, on where medical marijuana facilities can and cannot be built. Commissioner Doug Breidenthal says facilities must be ...

19 May 2015

Federal judge to hear arguments on ban of GMO crops

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(Updated 5/21 10:08 am) Medford, Ore. --- A packed federal courtroom in Medford Wednesday, May 20th, as defenders of a Jackson County GMO-ban gathered to hear a judge's decision on a lawsuit filed a ...

14 May 2015

Anonymous tip leads to conviction of deer poacher

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Jackson County, Ore. -- Two animal humane organizations will award $10,000 to a tipster who provided information that led to an arrest and conviction of a deer poacher. Austin Burkett was found gui ...

13 May 2015

Murder trial continues for man accused of killing Gold Hill woman

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Medford, Ore. --- The murder trial continued today, May 13th, for Robert Simonson, the man accused of shooting and killing a woman in Gold Hill back in 2013. Wednesday morning, the court heard testi ...

12 May 2015

Josephine County honors fallen officers during National Police Week

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Medford, Ore. --- The nation remembers men and women who have lost their lives in the line of duty during this National Police Week.People gathered this morning on the Josephine County courthouse st ...

07 May 2015

JACO Sheriff's Office trying to build relationship with LGBTQ community

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Medford, Ore. --- The Jackson County Sheriff's Office is reaching out to the LGBTQ community in hopes of building a stronger relationship.They will be hosting an interactive seminar to help train de ...

07 May 2015

Jury rules in favor of Jackson County in civil suit alleging deputy used excessive force

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Medford, Ore. --- A jury rules in favor of Jackson County in a civil suit filed by a man who sustained injuries while in the county jail in 2011.A civil lawsuit alleged that when Jon Williams was br ...

29 April 2015

MPD pushing forward with body cams

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Medford, Ore. --- The Medford Police Department is asking for $180,000 for body cams. The first draft of the department's budget was read before the budget committee. MPD Lieutenant Scott Clauson sa ...

15 April 2015

Jackson County puts hold on taxing marijuana

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Medford, Ore. --- Jackson County Board of Commissioners voted to wait a year to tax marijuana. The County Board of Commissioners voted on Wedneday to have zero taxes implemented on the sale and pro ...

26 March 2015

Jackson County looking to make Route 66 a state scenic bikeway

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Ashland, Ore. --- Southern Oregon is set to become more of a tourist destination for cyclists across the state and country.Jackson County is working to add Route 66, commonly known as Dead Indian Me ...