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04 December 2014

More military sexual assaults reported

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(NBC News)  The Pentagon revealed Thursday that  reported sexual assaults in the military rose again to nearly 6,000 this year.    Still, military officials say the despicable crime is now actua ...

19 June 2014

"Targeted Military Action" ahead in Iraq

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(NBC News)  There will be no U.S. airstrikes in Iraq, at least not for now.  President Obama announced Thursday he's sending more U.S. advisers instead. "There is no military solution inside of Ir ...

26 May 2014

TRENDING: Marine surprises sister at her wedding

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This video was uploaded by Andrew Didway on May 15th and already has over one million views. An active duty Marine was given one day leave at the last minute to attend his sister's wedding -- creati ...

09 May 2014

Roses for military mom's

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Talent, Ore. -- Mother's Day is this weekend,and while it celebrates everything our moms do for us, it can often be difficult for mothers with children in the armed forces. June McKiernan knows the ...

04 April 2014

"Verbal Altercation" before shooting

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Fort Hood, Texas -- (NBC News)  Military investigators have confirmed that a "verbal altercation" preceded Wednesday's deadly shooting spree at Fort Hood. "We do have credible information that he w ...

12 March 2014

Sex assaults: fighting back

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Fairborn, Ohio. -- (WDTN)  There is growing pressure on the military to investigate and combat sexual assaults. Wright Patterson Air Force Base formed a sexual assault response team. This week, the ...

24 February 2014

Defense cuts on the horizon

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(NBC News) -- The Defense Department has announced planned changes that will reduce the size of each branch of the military. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel says the recommendations will reshape the m ...